Professor, Institute for International Studies
Director, Center for U.S.-China Relations
Tsinghua University in Beijing

Sun Zhe is professor of the Institute for International Studies and director of the Center for U.S.-China Relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He was professor and deputy director of the Center for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai between 2000 and 2007. He has previously taught at the East Asian Institute of Columbia University and the Ramapo College of New Jersey. He is a graduate of Fudan University (1987, 1989) and has a PhD in Political Science from Columbia University in the City of New York (2000).

Sun Zhe is considered one of the leading scholars in the field of American Studies and U.S.-China Relations in China. He is the author and editor of eighteen books on comparative politics and U.S.-China relations, including New Thinking on Human Rights (1992), The Politics of Dictatorship (1995), Influencing the Future: the Institutional Transformation and Behavioral Change in Congress’ Decision Making Process (2001), The Studies of U.S. Congress Series (2002, 2003), U.S. Congress and China: Cases and Analyses (2003), and the Politics of Authoritarian Regimes (2004), Rise and Expansion: American Domestic Politics and US-China Relations (2004), The Remaking of the National People’s Congress in China, 1979-2000 (2004), and U.S. Congress and the Taiwan Issue. His most recent books include American Studies in China: 1979-2006 (2007) and Congressional Politics and American Trade Policy towards China (forthcoming, 2008).

Sun Zhe has received several academic rewards since 2000, including Shanghai Shuguang Awards and Special Government Subsidies provided by the State Council. He has been an adjunct research fellow at the Center for the Studies of the Cross-Strait Relations of the Office of Taiwan Affairs at State Council, a board member of the US-China Peoples’ Friendship Association, a Member of the Academic Advisory Committee of the East Asia Institute, Shanghai, and an adjunct professor of the PLA Foreign Language University. He also serves as a consultant to several government departments. He was the spokesperson for the Boao Forum for Asia in 2002, and a columnist for The Economic Observer, the Orient Outlook, among others.

Sun Zhe has lectured widely in both China and in the United States and often appears as an expert commentator on CCTV, Shanghai TV, CNN, VOA, the Chinesenewsnet, Jianfang Daily, etc.




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