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2012 Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference: "Out of the Storm but not Out of the Woods"

In 2007 Columbia Business School launched the Private Equity Program, which serves as the School's primary point of contact with the private equity industry, unifying students, alumni, the Columbia community, and the business community into a single network. The Program is dedicated to forging ever closer ties with the private equity industry by reinforcing the School's commitment to linking theory with practice and by engaging alumni who continue to lead the development of the private equity and venture capital industries worldwide.

Columbia Business School graduates have played leading roles in shaping the private equity and venture capital industries — among them Russ Carson ’67, general partner and cofounder of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, and Henry Kravis ’69, founding partner of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co..

Industry relationships developed and deepened by the program enable the Business School and Columbia University to collaborate on private equity-related initiatives. This mutually beneficial arrangement engages the larger University community with the private equity industry while broadening the scope and intellectual breadth of the Private Equity Program.

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New Research

No Free Shop: Why Target Companies in MBOs and Private Equity Transactions Sometimes Choose Not to Buy ‘Go Shop’ Options

By Charles W. Calomiris, Donna M. Hitscherich and Adonis Antoniades

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