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Annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference

The annual Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference organized by the PE/VC Club is one of the most anticipated industry events at the Business School. The conference showcases Columbia Business School alumni industry leaders and attracts more than 700 guests, including senior practitioners, faculty members, alumni, and current students, who come together to discuss recent trends and emerging issues in the private equity industry.

Past keynote speakers have included Russell L. Carson ’67, cofounder of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe; Mark Gallogly ’86, cofounder of Centerbridge Partners; and Thomas H. Lee, founder of Lee Equity Partners.

New Research

No Free Shop: Why Target Companies in MBOs and Private Equity Transactions Sometimes Choose Not to Buy ‘Go Shop’ Options

By Charles W. Calomiris, Donna M. Hitscherich and Adonis Antoniades

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