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Master Classes

Hands-On Recruiting

Becoming involved as a project sponsor opens up a range of possibilities for organizations. Master Classes provide an opportunity for hands-on recruiting by working closely with potential future employees. Moreover, sponsoring organizations benefit from the delivery of actionable results and recommendations for their unique business project.

Characteristics of Master Class projects

  • Semester-long projects addressing real-world issues facing project sponsors
  • Students’ actionable recommendations make a significant contribution to the  organization
  • Teams consisting of 3-6 second-year MBA students work on each project under the watchful guidance of experienced faculty
  • A time commitment from each student team of approximately 80 team-hours per semester (approximately 6 hours per week)

Requirements for Sponsoring a Master Class project

  • Project sponsors must provide a liaison for the students throughout the semester, providing access to background information, people, data, etc.
  • Project sponsors must provide feedback to the student team on the project results either in person (preferably) or through written evaluations.
  • Projects must coincide with the School’s academic calendar.
  • Project expenses, such as team travel for site-visit(s) outside the New York City area will be provided by sponsor.

Rewards for sponsoring a Master Class project

  • A professional level project deliverable at end of the semester
  • High-quality assistance from a team of exceptional MBA’s supervised by both faculty and senior professionals during the semester
  • An excellent recruiting opportunity as well as a chance to become intimately involved in the school’s MBA program

Become a Sponsor

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