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Three Essays on the Pharmaceutical Industry Ariel Yaakov Fishman

Ariel Fishman, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Pierre Azoulay

Three essays discuss management theory and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Capital market pressures and earnings management: Evidence from U.S. dual-class firms

Feng Chen, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Bjorn Jorgensen

In a dual-class share structure, one class of common stock typically has more votes per share than the other, but both classes have equal or similar cash flow rights per share. While this dual-class structure is likely to entrench management, it potentially reduces capital market pressures on managers thereby reducing the need for managers to manipulate earnings. In this study, I compare the earnings management behavior among dual-class firms relative to a matched sample of single-class firms.

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Revenue management under model uncertainty: Theory and methods

Omar Besbes, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Assaf Zeevi

A growing number of industries are adopting advanced decision support tools to optimize their revenues. One of the main challenges in the area of revenue management is the ability to account for the underlying uncertainty associated with the demand, e.g., the sensitivity of customers to changes in prices. Most of the literature focuses on cases where the demand model is known and the only uncertainty considered is that associated with random realizations of the demand itself.

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The term structure of interest rates and the real economy

Philippe Mueller, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Mikhail Chernov

In the first chapter of this dissertation, joint with Mikhail Chernov, we use evidence from the term structure of inflation expectations implicit in the nominal yields and survey forecasts of inflation to address the question of whether or not monetary policy is effective. We construct a model that accommodates forecasts over multiple horizons from multiple surveys and Treasury yields by allowing for differences between risk-neutral, subjective, and objective probability measures.

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Business groups, corporate innovation, and financial development: Evidence from Europe

Tomer Berkovitz, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Patrick Bolton

This dissertation examines the relation between business groups, corporate innovation, and financial development. The first chapter studies the effect of business group affiliation on innovation. Using unique data on patents and group affiliation for European firms, we find that business groups foster the scale and novelty of corporate innovation. Group affiliation is particularly important in industries that rely more on external finance and have a higher degree of information asymmetry. We also find that the innovation of affiliates is less sensitive to operating cash flows.

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Essays in financial economics

Sze Wah Sam Cheung, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Michael Johannes

The first chapter of this dissertation examines continuous-time one-factor and two-factor stochastic volatility models incorporating jumps in returns and volatility using jointly the time-series of returns and option prices on S&P 500 from 1986 to 2006. The goal of the paper is to examine the time-series of option prices. The second paper, joint with Michael Johannes, Arthur Korteweg, and Nick Polson, provides a study of the underlying structure of common asset pricing factors that are pervasively used in models of the cross-section of equity returns.

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How are choice givers perceived? Effects of choice provision on leadership and trust perceptions

Yong-Joo Roy Chua, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Sheena Iyengar

Managers today often try to engage employees by giving them more freedom and flexibility at work. One simple yet powerful way to do so is to give them choice, i.e., the selection of one or more options out of multiple available alternatives. However, choice as a tactic in granting employees work flexibility is seldom explicitly studied in organizational research. In this dissertation, I investigate how choice givers are perceived in terms of leadership and trust when they offer different degree of choice to others.

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Essays on announcements and asset pricing

Andrew Dubinsky, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Michael Johannes

This first essay develops a framework for understanding the impact of macro announcements on Treasury bond prices and Treasury bond options. Scheduled macro news increases the return volatility several times compared to days without announcements. I build a model that incorporates these announcement effects and use it to develop an estimation procedure to measure the ex-ante volatility of bond prices on announcement days using option prices. This paper advances the literature by introducing ex-ante estimators which had previously focused on the ex-post effects.

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The impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on the accounting quality of firms cross-listed in the U.S. versus the U.K.

Jaywon Lee, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Stephen Penman

The issue of accounting quality and stock exchange competition is currently under extensive debate, since the U.S. exchanges are facing significant challenges from abroad. Investors claim that SOX has a chilling effect in the U.S. cross-listing markets and that the U.S. is losing valuable listings. A counter-argument is that SOX is ensuring standards, protecting U.S. investors and maintaining the integrity of U.S. cross-listings. To test this, I compare the characteristics of accounting data for foreign firms that cross-list in U.S.

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Managers' Affective Expressions as Determinants of Employee Responses to Change: Valence, Inappropriateness and Authenticity

Rachael Elwork Wells, 2008

Faculty Advisor: Joel Brockner

This dissertation contributes to an understudied area in organizational change research: the effects of managers' affective expressions on employee responses to change. I build upon the psychological literature on resilience and the organizational literatures on affect and change to develop hypotheses based on the premise that resilient responses to change may be the result of social processes in addition to purely individual ones.

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Doctoral Program News

Young Alumni Balseiro wins George B. Dantzig Dissertation Award

At the 2014 Informs national meeting, Santiago Balseiro was honored for his work in "Competition and Yield Optimization in Ad Exchanges". We congratulate Santiago on his accomplishment.

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Ethan Rouen wins Deloitte Doctoral Fellowship in Accounting

The Deloitte Foundation has awarded $25,000 grants to 10 top accounting Ph.D. candidates through the Deloitte Foundation’s annual Doctoral Fellowship program. Given to students who plan to pursue academic careers upon graduation, the award will support the 2015 recipients’ final year of coursework and the subsequent year to complete their doctoral dissertation.

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Honigsberg featured in Ideas at Work

The August issue of Ideas at Work features research that doctoral candidate Colleen Honigsberg led in conjunction with Sharon Katz.

Read More about Colleen

Wazlawek featured in Ideas at Work

Abbie Wazlawek's joint research with Professor Daniel Ames is featured in the June 24th, 2014 edition of Ideas at Work

Read More about Abbie

Ethan Rouen featured in Ideas at Work

Ethan Rouen's joint research with Professor Dan Amiram is featured in the May 15th, 2014 edition of Ideas at Work

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Rivas Wins Fellowship

The PhD program is proud to congratulate Miguel Duro Rivas, who was awarded the Nasdaq Educational Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship.

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Wong wins Deloitte Fellowship

We are proud to announce that Yu Ting (Forester) Wong is one of the recipients of the 2014 Deloitte Foundation Doctoral Fellowship in Accounting.

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The PhD Program Congratulates John Yao

PhD student John Yao was a finalist in the 2013 M&SOM (Manufacturing & Service Operations Management) student paper competition.

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Honigsberg Named Postdoctoral Fellow

The PhD program is proud to congratulate Colleen Honigsberg, who was named the Postdoctoral Fellow in Corporate Governance at the Millstein Center at Columbia Law School in October 2013

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