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Prior to commencing the program, all admitted students would be required to complete the following courses at an advanced undergraduate level:

  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Microeconomics
  • Two semester of Calculus
  • Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory
  • Computer programming

Required PhD Courses

  • (PhD) B8207 Microeconomic Analysis I (Fall first year)
  • (PhD) B8208 Microeconomic Analysis II (Spring-first year)
  • (PhD) B9311 Introduction to Econometrics (Fall first year)
  • (PhD) B9311 Financial Econometrics (Spring first year)
  • (PhD) B9302 Finance Theory I (Spring first year)
  • (PhD) B9311 Asset Pricing Theory (Second year)
  • (PhD) B9311 Empirical Asset Pricing (Second year)
  • (PhD) B9311 Corporate Finance Theory (Second year)
  • (Masters) B9312 Thesis Seminar and MS Thesis (Spring, second year)

Elective (offerings may vary from year to year)

  • (PhD) B9311 Continuous Time Finance
  • (PhD) B9311 Empirical Asset Pricing II
  • (PhD) B9399 Advanced International Corporate Finance
  • (PhD) B9830 Computing for Business Research
  • (PhD) B9311 Computational Methods for Bayesian inference
  • (PhD) B9801 Computational Finance
  • (PhD) Empirical Methods in Corporate Finance
  • (PhD) B9310 Behavioral Finance
  • (PhD) B9311 Seminar in International Finance

Required MBA Level Courses

  • (MBA) B6302 Capital Markets (Fall, first year)*
  • (MBA) B6013 Accounting I (Financial Accounting) *
  • (MBA) B8309 Debt markets (First year)
  • (MBA) B8323 Asset Management (Spring first year or Fall second year)

Elective MBA Courses

  • (MBA) B8835 Quantitative Finance: Models and Computation
  • (MBA) B8309 Derivatives
  • (MBA) B8312 Advanced Derivatives
  • (MBA) B8399 Fixed Income Derivatives
  • (MBA) B8399 International Financial Management
  • (MBA) B8837 Risk Management
  • (MBA) Advanced corporate finance
  • (MBA) Corporate finance (not recommended to take for credit)

*Capital Markets and Accounting can be exempted out of via an exemption exam.

Typical first year course of study

First semester

  • (PhD) B8207 Microeconomic Analysis I
  • (PhD) B9311 Introduction to Econometrics
  • (MBA) B6302 Capital Markets
  • (MBA) B6013 Accounting I (Financial Statement Analysis)

Second semester

  • (PhD) B8208 Microeconomic Analysis II
  • (PhD) B9311 Financial Econometrics
  • (PhD) B9302 Finance Theory
  • (MBA) Debt Markets

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