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  • Kathleen Phelps '15

    Director of Finance, Newell Rubbermaid, Inc.

  • Allison Strouse '14

    Founder and CEO of Yarly

    The Startup Student

  • Elliott Koss '14

    Emerging Innovators

  • Brooks Weilbacher '13

    Financial Liaison: International and Field, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington DC

    After graduating from college and working overseas, Brooks Weilbacher was recruited to work for the FBI, which was experiencing rapid growth after 9/11. During her six years there, the agency’s budget has grown from $5 billion to more than $9 billion. Today, working for the CFO’s office, her job is to help maintain FBI funding levels by ensuring that resources are well spent.

    “In the last two years, tides are turning in Washington and our budgets are flattening as we’re experiencing the effects of a devastating recession. I realized I could have a tremendous impact on my organization if I could apply a business mind set to government. The commute to New York each weekend is worth it because I’m exposed to financiers and Wall Street gurus, and get to hear firsthand how they make their businesses lean. This is what I want to bring back to the government — ways of structuring projects and people to make us a more efficient entity. For me, Columbia’s EMBA bridges the gap between the private and public worlds.”

  • Richard Liang '13

    Brooklyn, NY

    A Flash of Insight
  • Aziza Jamgerchinova '13

    Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    Learning Teams
  • Charon Darris '13

    Vice President, M&T Bank, New York, NY

    Charon Darris was looking for an executive MBA program in New York that wouldn’t lead him off his established career path in commercial banking. Now he spends his weekdays as vice president for M&T Bank, managing business relationships for companies with sales between $1 and $30 million, and his weekends pursuing his MBA through Columbia Business School’s EMBA Saturday option.

    “My company was very supportive of my pursuit of an MBA program and is even helping sponsor me, but I just couldn’t afford to be out of the office on Fridays. I was exploring other possibilities when I heard about Columbia’s EMBA Saturday option. There are a lot of people who just can’t take advantage of an executive MBA program because they can’t get that flexibility. Saturdays are much more negotiable, and I’m so glad Columbia offers that option for students who still want a top-notch experience. I think the most impressive aspect of the program has been the faculty — their caliber, flexibility, and insight. The most insightful class has been Strategy Formulation with Professor Jerry Kim, where we focus on game theory, understanding and trying to anticipate what your counterparts are going to do three or four moves down the road. It’s an idea that is transferable among all my classes — we’ve talked about game theory in Marketing as well as Corporate Finance. Beyond the academics, the networking connections have proven to be invaluable.”

  • Carmen Concha '13

    Santiago, Chile

    100+ Clubs, Unlimited Opportunity
  • Coleman Skeeter '12

    New York, NY

    The Entrepreneurial Community
  • Nicole Smith '13

    Director, Career Program, Sponsors for Education Opportunity (SEO), New York, NY

    Today, Nicole Smith is director of the career program for Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO), a nonprofit that provides opportunities for underrepresented minority students to pursue high-profile careers. But before her current role, the organization helped her, as a client, obtain a position with Merrill Lynch, and she spent five years working on Wall Street. Along with her experience, enrolling in the EMBA program is helping her become the most effective nonprofit leader possible.

    “Like most EMBA students, I’m fully engaged in my career and on a trajectory of growth and advancement. I didn’t want to step off that track completely. The program also allows me to take what I learn in the classroom and apply it immediately on the job. One of the ways that SEO measures its success is by looking at how many of our intern placements receive offers at the end of the summer. In my statistics class, I spoke with Professor Don Sexton about applying statistical tools to understand the ranges of ideal quantitative characteristics that might predict someone’s success. So now I can look at a student’s GPA and cross-reference that with their major and the caliber of their undergraduate school, to understand the right blend for success from a statistical standpoint. “When I came to the nonprofit sector, I transitioned from being a producer to being a leader. So far the EMBA program has helped me hone my management skills. In my first term, the core classes were extremely useful for understanding any industry and any pursuit — grasping the basics of economics, statistics, accounting, leadership, and strategy. This all provided me not only with a foundation for analyzing an organization and its successes, but also with insight into how to be introspective as a leader and understanding of how I can grow and be more effective.”

  • Richard Hunt '14

    Franklin, NY

    Value Investing at the Center of Business
  • Nyambura Gichohi '14

    Nairobi, Kenya

    The International Experience
  • Jordan Roth '10

    President, Jujamcyn Theaters, New York, NY

    Applying Skills Across Industries
  • Kiley Smith '14

    Manager, Fraud Investigations and Dispute Services, Ernst & Young LLP, Philadelphia, PA

  • Osifo Akhuemonkhan '11

    Abuja, Nigeria

    Diverse Interests, Holistic Education
  • Melissa Mackay '13

    Lafayette Hill, PA

    The Retail Curriculum: Specific Focus, Accessible Faculty
  • Venk Varadan '08

    Associate Director, UBS, New York, NY

    Learning Through Leadership
  • Judie Zbeda '11

    New York, NY

    Global Immersion
  • Jessica Harrison '11

    The Flexibility of Social Enterprise
  • Kathleen Phelps

    EMBA-Americas: Full-Time MBA, Part Time in NYC

  • Allison Strouse

    The Startup Student

  • Elliott Koss

    Emerging Innovators

  • Brooks Weilbacher

    Insights from Innovative Business Leaders

  • Richard Liang

    A Flash of Insight

  • Aziza Jamgerchinova

    Learning Teams

  • Charon Darris

    Learning from the Best

  • Carmen Concha

    100+ Clubs, Unlimited Opportunity

  • Coleman Skeeter

    The Entrepreneurial Community

  • Nicole Smith

    Tools for Immediate Success

  • Richard Hunt

    Value Investing at the Center of Business

  • Nyambura Gichohi

    The International Experience

  • Jordan Roth

    Applying Skills Across Industries

  • Kiley Smith

    Professors Without Borders

  • Osifo Akhuemonkhan

    Diverse Interests, Holistic Education

  • Melissa Mackay

    The Retail Curriculum: Specific Focus, Accessible Faculty

  • Venk Varadan

    Learning Through Leadership

  • Judie Zbeda

    Global Immersion

  • Jessica Harrison

    The Flexibility of Social Enterprise

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