The Real Effects of Opacity: Evidence from Tax Avoidance
Rethinking Organizational Leader Identity Development: A Social Network and Ethnographic Approach
Pricing Decentralization in Customized Pricing Systems and Network Models
Essays on the Economics of Entrepreneurship
Essays on the Discretion of Prosecutors in the Legal Realm
Essays on Institutional Investors
Essays on Decisions Involving Recurring Financial Events
Essays in Financial Economics
Essays in Empirical Corporate Finance
Data-driven System Design in Service Operations
Competition and Yield Optimization in Ad Exchanges
Changes in the Profitability-Growth Relation and the Implications for the Accrual Anomaly
Three Essays on Taxes and Asset Pricing
Three Essays on Asset Pricing
Sequential Optimization in Changing Environments: Theory and Application to Online Content Recommendation Services
Infrastructure Scaling and Pricing
Essays on Corporate Credit
Driver and Consequences of Multichannel Shopping
Do Firms Contribute to the Variation in Employees' Performance in Knowledge-Intensive Industries? The Case of Equity Research
Design and Evaluation of Procurement Combinatorial Auctions
Can Cash Flow Expectations Explain Momentum and Reversal
Attention and preference measurement
A New Accounting Approach to Evaluate M and A Prices and Goodwill Allocations
A Network Filter for Social Learning: Evidence from Equity Research
Analytical Models in Entertainment and Media
Three Essays on the Pharmaceutical Industry Ariel Yaakov Fishman
Essays on announcements and asset pricing
How are choice givers perceived? Effects of choice provision on leadership and trust perceptions
Essays in financial economics
Capital market pressures and earnings management: Evidence from U.S. dual-class firms
Revenue management under model uncertainty: Theory and methods
Business groups, corporate innovation, and financial development: Evidence from Europe
Managers' Affective Expressions as Determinants of Employee Responses to Change: Valence, Inappropriateness and Authenticity
The Effects of Firm Maturity: IPO and Post-IPO Performance, Growth, Efficiency, Profitability and Returns; & The Rational Part of Momentum
Dynamic marketing mix allocation for long-term profitability
Staffing and control of many-server service systems
Supply risks in supply chain management
Three essays on empirical asset pricing
Pricing CDOs and other credit derivatives in multifactor models
Essays on the Inform ation C ontents of Bank Subordinated Debt Spreads and the Pricings of Bank Loans and Services
Productivity mindset and the consumption of collectable experiences
Essays on financial markets
Motivated goal setting and affect: Expectations and reality
Understanding equity returns
Managerial Discretion in Business Combinations Reporting under SFAS 141
Essays in corporate governance
Essays on volatility derivatives and portfolio optimization
Financial reporting, regulation and information asymmetry
Negotiating Gender Role Stereotypes: The Influence of Gender Role Stereotypes on Perceivers' Evaluations and Targets' Behaviors in Value Claiming Negotiations and Situational Moderation by Representation Role
Essays on collateralized debt
Essays on task assignment and performance measurement
Insider trading and earnings management
Central bank lending facilities and properties of interest rates
The term structure of interest rates and the real economy
Social networks and subjective well-being: Regulatory fit between self-regulation and network structure
Models for assessing the impact of resource allocation in hospitals
Essays in asset pricing and real estate
Optimal dynamic allocation between taxable and nontaxable assets
Essays on credit risk
An examination of SFAS 146 restructuring charges
The impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on the accounting quality of firms cross-listed in the U.S. versus the U.K.
Affine processes in finance: Numerical approximation, simulation and model properties
Essays on financial markets
Pricing and revenue management with limited market information
Time perspective and the reliance on feelings
Probability thresholds and equity values
Marketing networks 2.0
When do interorganizational relationships work?
The quality of earnings momentum and performance of mergers & acquisitions
A collection on the versatility and predictive power of survey expectations data
Globalization, home bias and asset prices
The Marketing Operations Interface in Consumer Retail: Theory and Practical Approach
Superior and subordinate style fit: Dominance complementarity as a determinant of subordinate success
Economic Consequences of the Transition from Disclosure to Recognition of Pension Funded Status Following SFAS
Accounting conservatism, debt contracts and financial institutions
LBO risk in credit spreads
Economic Consequences of the Transition from Disclosure to Recognition of Pension Funded Status Following SFAS 158
Do disclosure standards affect risk-taking in the banking industry? A cross-country study
Contracting and information sharing in supply chain management
Self-governance among Manhattan banks, 1840--1980
Three essays on empirical corporate finance and political economy
Essays on asset pricing in open economies
Essays in empirical asset pricing
Cultural identity integration and frame switching: Evidence for a nonconscious motivated process
Accounts receivable financing and information asymmetry
The Fairer Sex? Warmth, Competence and Perceptions of Male and Female Managers' Interactional and Procedural Fairness
Superstitious choice and the placebo effect: Consumer products as instruments of control
External Financing Costs for Private and Public Firms
Earnings and Cash Flows in Debt Evaluation by Private Debt Holders
Information, Incentives, and Financial Intermediation
The Role of Group Identity in Modern Structural Sociology: Essays on Norms, Deviance and Sanctions
Dynamic Targeted Pricing in B2B Settings
Complicating Choice
Essays in consumer choice driven assortment planning
When Shelf-based Scarcity Impacts Consumer Preferences
The Culture of Green: The Role of Cultural Worldviews, Psychological Connectedness, Time Discounting, and Social Norms in Environmental Decisions
Three Essays on Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors
The Interpretation of Marketing Actions and Communications by the Financial Markets
Limits to Arbitrage and Commodity Index Investment
Essays on Intellectual Property
Creditor coordination effects and bankruptcy prediction
Analyst reputation, communication and information acquisition
Supply Chain Management: Supplier Financing Schemes and Inventory Strategies
Antecedents and Consequences of Loss Aversion: Mental Accounting and Allocation of Attention
Litigation Risk and the Optimism in Long-horizon Management Forecasts of Bad News and Good News
The Dynamics of Currency Crashes and Fundamental Reversions
Worse Off But Happier? The Affective Advantages of Entering the Workforce During an Economic Downturn
The Cross-Section of Investing Skill
An Empirical Study of National vs. Local Pricing under Multimarket Competition
Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing
Strategic Models in Supply Network Design
Three Essays on Corporate Policies
Understanding Carry Trade Risks using Bayesian Methods: A Comparison with Other Portfolio Risks from Currency, Commodity and Stock Markets
Hedge Fund Essays
How Power and Powerlessness Corrupt
Essays on Decisions Involving Recurring Financial Events
Market Dynamics with Many Agents: Applications in Social Learning and Competition
Price Competition and the Impact of Service Attributes: structural estimation and analytical characterizations of equilibrium behavior
Repeating the Follies of the Past: A Regulatory Focus Perspective
Dynamic Trading Strategies in the Presence of Market Frictions
Legitimized Unethicality: The Divergence of Norms and Laws in Financial Markets
Modeling Customer Behavior for Revenue Management
Egocentric Categorization: Self as a Reference Category in Product Judgment & Consumer Choice
Essays on the Strategic Discretion of Prosecutors in the Legal System
Cultural Metacognitive Processes: Psychological Mechanisms Promoting Intercultural Effectiveness
Venture Capital and Innovation
Essays on the Economics of Entrepreneurship
Essays in financial stability: Mutual funds and futures clearinghouses
Earnings forecasting and equity valuation under conservative accounting
Service levels in production-inventory networks: Bottlenecks, trade-offs, and optimization
Provoking thought: The effect of interacting with an information source on the type of cognitive strategy used to evaluate information obtained from the source
Disjunctive convex optimization
Familiarity breeds trust as well as contempt...What about familiality? An examination of familial involvement and trust in family firms
Essays in financial economics
Knowledge and competitive advantage in the synthetic dye industry, 1850-1914: The coevolution of firms, technology, and national institutions in Great Britain, Germany and the United States
Entrenched cognitive structures and resistance to new products
Testing for the impact of financing constraints on corporate investment
A multi-category analysis of consumer shopping behavior
Financial risk and the measurement of risk modification
Modeling and assessing stochastic discount factors
Essays on inflation accounting and valuation
Planning models for the design of capacitated multi-stage production and distribution systems
Staggered ordering policies for two-echelon production/distribution systems
Polyhedral approaches to survivable network design
Essays on bounded rationality, complexity, and strategic interactions
On institutions, financial markets and asset returns
Post-earnings-announcement drift and analyst forecasts
Essays in investment strategies
Three essays in computational finance
How rational is the stock market towards properties of analyst consensus forecasts?
The effects of increased managerial discretion on top executive team composition, compensation and attention: The implications for strategic change and performance
Evidence of acquiror learning in mergers and acquisitions, 1985-1995
Asymmetric information and business cycle
Combined dynamic pricing and inventory control
Discontinuities and the American option
Design and valuation of debt contracts
Access pricing
Individual analyst forecast accuracy: An international analysis (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada)
Three essays on continuous time finance
Does break up lead to break down? Effects of parent and industry influences on spinoff firms
Early stopping in financial simulations
Integrating market research projections: The bias toward lower numbers
Inflation indexed bonds
Operating cost structure information: Implications for disclosure, forecasting, and valuation
Essays on financial development and financing constraints
Three essays on revenue management
Modeling consumers' response sensitivities across categories
A decision support system for media planning
Default risk and equilibrium asset pricing: Applications to corporate and sovereign debt markets
Organizational socialization and knowledge integration of newcomers: The role of anticipated tenure
Firm investment behavior in a real options framework: Empirical evidence
A theory of consumer>experiences
Coordination mechanisms and equilibrium performance in supply chains with retailer competition
The influence of country and cultural differences in proactive and reactive theories of procedural justice (China, Russia, United States)
Essays on financial structure and economic activity under asymmetric information
Individual investors' decision-making: The ubiquitous influence of promotion and prevention self-regulation
Three essays on empirical asset pricing
Titles and tasks: New jobs for new media in Silicon Alley? (New York City)
Essays in finance
Abnormal returns after meeting quarterly earnings forecasts: Evidence and initial explanations
Demographic changes and asset prices
Real estate issues in finance
Shareholder heterogeneity in mutual funds
To know and be known: Upper-echelons capital's effects on IPO performance with evidence from industries of contrasting levels of uncertainty
The strategic management of a corporate venture capital program
Getting beyond the rhetoric: The rise of inner-cities and the role of the inner-city entrepreneur
Three essays in international finance
Process management, technological innovation, and organizational adaptation
Providing investment incentives: The role of revenue recognition in performance measurement
Weighted Monte Carlo and pricing American options
Three essays in the term structure of interest rates
On capital investments and financial markets
Capacity management in stochastic service systems
Auctions and simulation-based optimization in revenue management
The effects of self-awareness on consumer attributions and satisfaction
A simulated pre-launch market evaluation model for new pharmaceutical products
Essays in liquidity
Targeted pricing and channel management
Financial statement analysis, growth expectations, and equity valuation
Asset pricing implications of capital market imperfections
Perspectives on asset pricing in dynamic production economies
Essays on individual investors
Improving earnings forecasts using intra-industry information transfer
Do analysts correct the market's mispricing of accruals?
Human capital, business cycles and asset pricing
Essays on modeling derivative claims. Essay titles: Essay 1. Modeling energy commodity futures: Is seasonality part of it? Essay 2. Modeling corporate liabilities under regime-switching asset volatility
Essays on security offerings (Germany)
On corporate debt and credit risk
Unintended purchase opportunities: Conflict, choice, and consequence
Inferring dependencies between financial assets with applications to multi-name credit derivatives
On stochastic modelling and optimal control in advertising
A theoretical approach to inference based on maximum observations
The future benefits in selling, general and administrative expenses
Essays in empirical work in emerging markets
Characterizing dependence in financial series
Three essays on asymmetric information and corporate defaults
Firm behavior in capital markets with frictions
An economic sociology of entry barriers: Business entry and the inner city market
Multi-item supply chain and revenue management problems
Competitive revenue management
Structural models for nonlinear pricing schemes
Essays on financial market risk premiums
To trust or not to trust one's feelings: The metacognitive processing of feelings
Essays in empirical asset pricing
Essays on infrastructure development subsidization by product firms
Determinants of justification and self-control
The interdependence of organizational knowledge and financing: Studies of technological innovation, learning, and corporate restructuring in United States medical device ventures
Asset pricing and asset allocation in the presence of durable consumption goods
Essays on corporate credit
Three essays in financial economics
Customer behavior in revenue management
Nets at sea: Horizontal and vertical interfirm networks in the Clyde River maritime economy (Scotland)
Earnings management and conservatism in the transition between private and public ownership: The role of private equity sponsors
Essays in empirical asset pricing
Essays on aesthetic innovation
Macro variables, term structure of interest rates, and exchange rates
Competition in service industries
Salesforce incentives: Matching supply and demand under information asymmetry
Essays in securitization
Essays in asset pricing and macroeconomics