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Executive MBA and Alumni Hiring

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Many companies large and small are interested in recruiting experienced-level talent from the Columbia Business School community. Our Executive MBA (EMBA) students and alumni are two populations they may choose to target.

Recruiting Options

There are a number of ways that you can target Columbia Business School EMBAs and alumni in your recruiting of experienced-level talent:

  • Job Postings: Submit job postings for experienced-level professionals on the same website where you post opportunities for current full-time MBA students: Designating "Experienced Hire" as the eligible candidate type in the job-post form enables you to target both alumni and EMBA students. There is no charge for this service. If you wish to target current EMBA students specifically, please contact Mike De Lucia at 212-854-5806.

  • EMBA Resume Book: The EMBA Resume Book is an online database that holds the resumes of current Executive MBA students who may be actively seeking job opportunities. There is no charge for this resource. If your organization does not already have access to the EMBA Resume Book, you may request access.

  • Customized Resume Collections: In addition to soliciting candidates through the job board, companies can request customized resume collections for posted positions. For more information, please contact Mike De Lucia at 212-854-5806.

  • Corporate Events: If you would like to plan an event designed to draw an experienced-hire audience, Alumni Career Services and the Career Management Center can advise you on strategies for organizing programs that are most appropriate based on your recruiting goals. Events may be held on the Columbia campus, at your corporate site, or at another location. Opportunities to sponsor, host, or participate in industry events and career workshops are also available.

If you are interested in promoting your company to Columbia Business School alumni, many sponsorship opportunities are available such as industry speaker panels events and career workshops. Please contact Corporate Relations at 212.854.6043.

Executive MBAs

More than half of the EMBA population is partially or fully-sponsored and many of these students are actively exploring career opportunities. These students represent an accomplished group, balancing executive-level responsibilities at work and a challenging academic load. Over 30 percent of them hold prior graduate degrees, and they come from 16 countries.

  • The Executive MBA Programs: The Columbia Business School EMBA program based in New York carries the same academic requirement as the full-time MBA program and results in the same degree. However, EMBA students complete their coursework on a different schedule, taking four classes per term over five terms, and meeting on Friday and Saturday every other weekend while maintaining full-time work responsibilities. Students graduate in May, August, or December depending on when they enter the program.

Profile of Executive MBAs

Average Years of Work Experience 10
Range of Years of Work Experience 5-27
Prior Graduate Degrees 33%
Women 21%
Countries Represented 16


There are 41,000 Columbia Business School alumni, nearly 7,000 of whom are located outside of the United States. Approximately 700 alumni subscribe to our Career Newsletter, and at least five times this number are investigating their career options at any given time.

Industries Employing Alumni

Financial Services 36%
Manufacturing 13%
Consulting 7%
Technology 9%
Other Services (accounting, advertising/public relations, arts, entertainment/leisure, executive search, health care services, hospitality, law, not-for-profit, real estate, retail/fashion, media, military 26%

Functional Areas

Accounting Human Resources
Advertising/Public Relations Information Systems
Marketing Management Investment Banking
Business Development Private Equity/Venture Capital
Consulting Restructuring
Corporate Finance Real Estate
Education Research

Contact Us

EMBA Career Management Mike De Lucia, Associate Director of EMBA and MS Career Management (212) 854-5806

Alumni Career Services Nicole Gehrmann, Senior Associate Director of Alumni Career Services (212) 854-8821


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Career Forum

If you are new to recruiting at Columbia Business School you may want to consider participating in the CMC's Career Forum

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You can participate in a Career Forum in lieu of a standalone corporate presentation if you are interviewing on-campus for full-time or internship positions. It offers firms an opportunity to meet many students in an informal and interactive "career fair-style" setting prior to application deadlines.

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Hiring Internationally?

It’s easier than you might think to hire international students in the United States. The CMC has created a guide to help you through the process.

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