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Interview Schedules

For a full day’s schedule, you can invite 13 students for 30-minute interviews or nine students for 45-minute interviews.

We encourage you to indicate at least two alternate candidates, listed in order of priority, for each closed schedule.

Rotational Interview Schedules

Rotational (or Back-to-back) schedules are appropriate when you want each student to have two interviews, one right after the other with two different recruiters. We will reserve two rooms for your rotational schedules. For a full day’s schedule, you can invite 14 students for 30 minute interviews or 10 students for 45 minute interviews. These schedules must be requested when your original date request is submitted. We are unable to convert single-interview schedules to rotational schedules after the original booking date.

Sample 30-minute Rotational (Back to Back) Interview Schedule

Two Rooms/Schedules = 12 candidates/28 rotations

Room A Room B
30-Minute Interview14 Students  30-Minute Interview 14 Students
8:45-9:15Student No. 1 8:45-9:15Student No. 2
9:15-9:45Student No. 2 9:15-9:45Student No. 1
9:45-10:15Student No. 3 9:45-10:15Student No. 4
10:15-10:30Break 10:15-10:30Break
10:30-11:00Student No. 4 10:30-11:00Student No. 3
11:00-11:30Student No. 5 11:00-11:30Student No. 6
11:30-NoonStudent No. 6 11:30-NoonStudent No. 5
Noon-1:00Lunch Noon-1:00Lunch
1:00-1:30Student No. 7 1:00-1:30Student No. 8
1:30-2:00Student No. 8 1:30-2:00Student No. 7
2:00-2:30Student No. 9 2:00-2:30Student No. 10
2:30-3:00Student No. 10 2:30-3:00Student No. 9
3:00-3:15Break 3:00-3:15Break
3:15-3:45Student No. 11 3:15-3:45Student No. 12
3:45-4:15Student No. 12 3:45-4:15Student No. 11
4:15-4:45Student No. 13 4:15-4:45Student No. 14
4:45-5:15Student No. 14 4:45-5:15Student No. 13

Sample 30-minute Interview Schedule

One Room/Schedule = 13 candidates

30-Minute Interviews13 Students
9:00–9:30Student No. 1
9:30–10:00Student No. 2
10:00–10:30Student No. 3
10:30–11:00Morning Break
11:00–11:30Student No. 4
11:30–NoonStudent No. 5
Noon–12:30Student No. 6
1:30–2:00Student No. 7
2:00–2:30Student No. 8
2:30–3:00Student No. 9
3:00–3:30Student No. 10
3:30–3:45Afternoon Break
3:45–4:15Student No. 11
4:15–4:45Student No. 12
4:45–5:15Student No. 13

Sample 45-minute Interview Schedule

One Room/Schedule = Nine candidates

45-Minute Interviews9 Students
9:00–9:45Student No. 1
9:45–10:30Student No. 2
10:30–10:45Morning Break
10:45–11:30Student No. 3
11:30–12:15Student No. 4
1:15–2:00Student No. 5
2:00–2:45Student No. 6
2:45–3:30Student No. 7
3:30–3:45Afternoon Break
3:45–4:30Student No. 8
4:30–5:15Student No. 9



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Career Forum

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Hiring Internationally?

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