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Recruiting Events

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On-Campus Corporate MBA Recruiting Presentations | Event Best Practices | Career Forum | Office Hours/Coffee Chats | Alcohol Policy | MBA Career Days

New and Key Event guidelines are in BOLD.

Recruiting events include any informational, education or social events held on campus or off campus: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions, informational interviews, case competitions, case preparation sessions, office hours, coffee chats, and corporate presentations— whether they are open to all students or by invitation to eight or more students. For specific dates and times for on- and off-campus events, please see the guidelines below and this chart.

Recruiting guidelines apply to events planned by either the CMC or through student clubs.

All organizations hosting multiple events through the CMC or through student clubs are asked to convey a clear message to students indicating that they are not asked or expected to attend all events to be considered for employment.

Please see Presentation Calendar for specific date and time options for your pre-recruiting presentations as they pertain to the on-campus recruiting process.

On-Campus Corporate MBA Recruiting Presentations

The CMC will schedule one presentation per class year for each company participating in on-campus recruiting. Companies recruiting both first- and second-year students may elect to offer one joint-year presentation for both groups. Companies with multiple divisions or office locations should plan to have one firm-wide presentation representing all divisions and locations to ensure effective calendar management and fairness among organizations. Most corporate presentations take place from September 8 to November 7, 2014, but in some cases may be scheduled until December 5, 2014. Certain event blackout periods apply.

Venues may be in Columbia Business School classrooms or Columbia University–managed facilities. Events in University spaces are held by contract with the venue and are subject to its terms and conditions. The CMC is not responsible for these contracts. Events in Columbia Business School classrooms or Columbia University–managed facilities may not be available until 15 minutes prior to the event. Please plan catering and setup accordingly.

Only Columbia Business School students may be invited to events held in Columbia Business School classrooms. Firms are encouraged to upload materials to COIN for student access prior to events in order to minimize the need for printed material.

Event Best Practices

  • Be explicit about divisions, function, geographic locations, and work authorizations for your on-campus recruiting opportunities.
  • Each event should include a robust number of company representatives to maximize student-company interactions.
  • The duration of events should be 60 minutes. Successful events will allot more time for networking, preceded by a concise company overview presentation.
  • Plan an event during summer 2014 to meet the January 2014 entrants of the class of 2015.
  • Disregard for academic priorities and a highly aggressive approach to recruiting is noticed by students and often harms a firm’s reputation on campus.


Career Forum

If you are new to recruiting at Columbia Business School or have not been able to yield a high number of attendees at past events and are interviewing on-campus for full-time or internship positions, you may want to consider participating in the CMC’s Career Forum in lieu of a standalone corporate presentation.

The forum, which will be held Tuesday, October 7, 2014, from 12:15 to 2:15 p.m. ET, offers firms an opportunity to meet many students in an informal and interactive career fair–style setting prior to application deadlines.

Companies that do not recruit on campus, and instead recruit off campus in the spring, may wish to participate in the CMC’s spring networking event, usually held in late March.

Office Hours / Coffee Chats

Office Hours / Coffee Chat can be requested through COIN, however, CMC does not guarantee on campus space availability. Additionally, CMC cannot manage sign ups; companies must provide sign up instructions in their event request. COIN is used for publicity only.

Alcohol Policy

While Columbia Business School recommends alcohol-free events, the School allows beer and wine at events held on campus. Hard liquor is not allowed at events planned by the CMC or student clubs that take place on campus or in surrounding venues. For more information, please contact Bruce Lloyd, Director of Employer Relations at 212-854-8687.

In late March, the CMC hosts a networking night event for companies who recruit on a just-in-time basis and/or do not have other on-campus presence. Please contact Dan Gabriel for more information.

MBA Career Days

MBA Career Days is a unique online recruitment events platform from that connects you to the most suitably qualified candidates for your job vacancies. MBA Career Days focuses on specific themes for its events to ensure that employers can hire the people they need quickly and easily. Employers like you provide important feedback to MBA Career Days on the kinds of events they want, linked to the types of jobs that are most critical to fill. Each event focuses on a specific candidate profile such as internal consulting, industry sectors such as logistics and energy and /or countries and regions like China and Brazil in order to connect the most relevant MBA students and alumni to high-quality employers across the world.

Using MBA Career Days online, you can engage with potential recruits from their desktops. It enables you to post a corporate profile, make online presentations, join webcast discussions, and engage in online discussions and chats. These events use the latest internet technology to enable you to reach, attract, engage, and select the right candidates and schedule your interviews as easily and as quickly as possible. The bottom line is that MBA Career Days gives you the power to find the right people at the right time without having to leave your office.

Find out more and sign up at


Submit Requests for On Campus Recruiting

We are now accepting requests for 2014-2015 On Campus Interviews and Presentations.

Review key dates and policies here.

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Contact your account manager or the CMC with any questions.

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Career Forum

If you are new to recruiting at Columbia Business School you may want to consider participating in the CMC's Career Forum

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You can participate in a Career Forum in lieu of a standalone corporate presentation if you are interviewing on-campus for full-time or internship positions. It offers firms an opportunity to meet many students in an informal and interactive "career fair-style" setting prior to application deadlines.

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Hiring Internationally?

It’s easier than you might think to hire international students in the United States. The CMC has created a guide to help you through the process.

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