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Extending Offers

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Within two weeks of each interview - sooner, if possible - employers must inform students of their status, which may be any of the following:

  • offer of employment
  • invitation to next-round interview
  • application process on hold
  • rejection


For offer dates, please see:

Conditional Offers

Conditional offers ("If you convince me that you would accept an offer if it were made, you'll get one") do not give the student time to evaluate properly and are unacceptable.

Rescinding Offers

Companies are expected to make thoughtful hiring decisions and to honor all offers made to our students. If a company must revisit an offer due to adverse business conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you first contact Bruce Lloyd, Director of Employer Relations, at (212) 854-5471 to review the situation.

Rescinding an accepted offer, withdrawing an offer before the student has accepted, or changing the terms of an offer carries significant consequences for all parties involved in the recruiting process. Generally, students and alumni learn of these unfortunate situations, which cast a negative light on the reputation of the organization.


Hiring Internationally?

It’s easier than you might think to hire international students in the United States. The CMC has created a guide to help you through the process.

Read the Guide >

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Career Forum

If you are new to recruiting at Columbia Business School you may want to consider participating in the CMC's Career Forum

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You can participate in a Career Forum in lieu of a standalone corporate presentation if you are interviewing on-campus for full-time or internship positions. It offers firms an opportunity to meet many students in an informal and interactive "career fair-style" setting prior to application deadlines.

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MBA Career Days

MBA Career Days is a unique online recruitment events platform from that connects you to the most suitably qualified candidates for your job vacancies.

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Using MBA Career Days online, you can engage with potential recruits from their desktops. It enables you to post a corporate profile, make online presentations, join webcast discussions, and engage in online discussions and chats.

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2013 Employment Report

2013 Employment Report

Learn more about the diverse career paths of our MBA students.


Experienced-Level Recruiting

Target a diverse group of professionals with 5-10 years or experience or more.

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Masters of Science Recruiting

Connect with students who are focused on either Financial Economics or Marketing.

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2013 Recruiters Guide

2013 Recruiters Guide

Review our 2013-2014 on-campus recruiting policies.


Campus Map and Directions

Campus Map

Columbia Business School is in Uris Hall, located behind Low Library in the center of campus.