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Missing Relations: Incorporating Relational Constructs into Models of Culture

Michael Morris, Joel Podolny, Sheira Ariel

Publication type: Chapter

Research Archive Topic: Leadership, Organizations, World Business


In this chapter, we argue that a better understanding of how individuals are affected by national culture is achieved when the subjectivist analysis of internal attitudes is supplemented with the structuralist approach of focusing on the external social relations that constrain behavior. More specifically, we suggest that the concepts developed for studying patterns of social relations are useful in cultural research.
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Morris, Michael, Joel Podolny, and Sheira Ariel. "Missing Relations: Incorporating Relational Constructs into Models of Culture." In Innovations in International and Cross Cultural Management, 52-90. Ed. P. C. Earley and H. Singh. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: SAGE, 2000.

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