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Modeling Multiple Relationships in Social Networks

Asim Ansari, Oded Koenigsberg, Florian Stahl

Publication type: Journal article

Research Archive Topic: Marketing


Firms are increasingly seeking to harness the potential of social networks for marketing purposes. Therefore, marketers are interested in understanding the antecedents and consequences of relationship formation within networks and in predicting interactivity among users. The authors develop an integrated statistical framework for simultaneously modeling the connectivity structure of multiple relationships of different types on a common set of actors. Their modeling approach incorporates several distinct facets to capture both the determinants of relationships and the structural characteristics of multiplex and sequential networks. They develop hierarchical Bayesian methods for estimation and illustrate their model with two applications: the first application uses a sequential network of communications among managers involved in new product development activities, and the second uses an online collaborative social network of musicians. The authors' applications demonstrate the benefits of modeling multiple relations jointly for both substantive and predictive purposes. They also illustrate how information in one relationship can be leveraged to predict connectivity in another relation.
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Ansari, Asim, Oded Koenigsberg, and Florian Stahl. "Modeling Multiple Relationships in Social Networks." Journal of Marketing Research 48, no. 4 (August 2011): 713-728.

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