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Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence

Heidi Grant Halvorson, E. Tory Higgins

Publication type: Book

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We all want to experience pleasure and avoid pain. But there are really two kinds of pleasure and pain that motivate everything we do. If you are promotion-focused, you want to advance and avoid missed opportunities. If you are prevention-focused, you want to minimize losses and keep things working. And as Tory Higgins has found in his groundbreaking research, if you understand how people focus, you have the power to motivate yourself and everyone around you.

Showing how promotion/prevention focus applies across a wide range of situations from selling products to managing employees to raising children to getting a second date, Halvorson and Higgins show us how to identify focus, how to change focus, and how to use focus exactly the right way to get results. Short, punchy, and prescriptive, Focus will help you see not just what's going on around you—but what's underneath.

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Halvorson, Heidi Grant, and E. Tory Higgins. Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence. New York: Hudson Street Press, April 2013.

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