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Oxford Handbook of Pricing Management
Özalp Özer


Type: Book

Strategic Intuition: The Creative Spark in Human Achievement


Type: Book

Pricing and Revenue Optimization


Type: Book

The Theory and Practice of Revenue Management
Kalyan Talluri


Type: Book

Hedging with trees: Advances in pricing and risk managing derivatives


Type: Book

Country Competitiveness: Technology and the Organizing of Work


Type: Book

"Networks, Shocks, and Systemic Risk"
Daron Acemoglu
Asuman Ozdaglar

The Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Networks, 2015

Type: Chapter

"Overcoming Exit Barriers"

Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, 2013

Type: Chapter

"Pricing in Restaurants"
Sheryl Kimes
Lisabet Summa

Oxford Handbook of Pricing Management, 2012

Type: Chapter

"Decision making under climate uncertainty: The power of understanding judgment and decision processes"
Sabine Marx

Climate change in the Great Lakes region: Decision making under uncertainty, 2012

Type: Chapter