The occasion of your reunion provides an opportunity to make a contribution to Columbia Business School to help maintain its standard of excellence and ensure its continued success.

Reunion 2014 class committees have set ambitious fundraising goals to support the School. All gifts made to the Columbia Business Fund or EMBA Fund between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, by alumni in reunion class years count as Reunion 2014 donations. You can make a gift by check, stock transfer, or online at

Columbia Business School would like to thank the following individuals for responding to the 11/12/13 Reunion Campaign with generous leadership gifts in honor of Reunion 2014.

Jack R. Anderson ’49
Marco Assetto ’04
Farhood Azima ’04
Tracy L. Bahl ’04
Robert M. Bakish ’89
Loulwa Bakr ’04
Peter E. Berger ’74
David S. Bovenizer ’94 and Van H. Mai
John D. Bowlin ’74
Gerardo Candano ’94
James Chao ’74
Youngsuk Charles Chi ’84
Maria L. ’89 and John R. Chrin ’88
Luke D. Clemente ’94
Peter A. Cohen ’69
Ramzi A. Dalloul ’64
Jean-Louis Delvaux ’69
Srinivas Dhulipala ’99
Arend Dikkers ’84
Ronald Doornink ’79
Robert S. Dow ’74
Patrick Donal Duff ’84
Peter Eliot ’04
Charles E. Exley Jr. ’54
Jean-Francois B. Formela ’89
Leonidas Giannakopoulos ’09
Chris Girgenti ’89
Harry E. Gould Jr. ’64
Paul B. Guenther ’64
Juan Michel Guichard ’79
Karl G. Homberg ’69
Caroline B. Hribar ’09
Jocelyn Ingrid Javits ’84
Nancy Josephs ’84
Nicholas W. Kaufmann ’69
Michael Kempner ’84
George K. Kollitides II ’99

Henry R. Kravis ’69
Sung Lee ’94
Irwin L. Levowitz ’64
Francois Macheras ’69
Nancy McKinstry ’84
Stuart Irwin Meyers ’64
Kyle Leon Miller ’89
Alan Bryant Mitchell ’94
Shankh Mitra ’09
Cara Moreno ’04
Colin Morris ’84
John Gerd Morris ’94
Gregory Morzano ’94
Christine Petersen Wells ’89
Sharon Price John ’94
Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr. ’99
Derek Queisser von Stockalper ’99
Xavier Robert Rolet ’84
Evelyn L. Sabin ’79
Ronald K. Simons ’89
Robert F. Smith ’94
Jerry I. Speyer ’64
Fernando Eduardo Suescun ’84
Frank K. Tang ’94
Judson Traphagen ’94
Joseph M. Tucci ’84
Kathryn and James Vanek ’09
Dennis L. Verhaegen ’74
Raymond G. Viault ’69
Shazi Amirali Visram ’04
Thomas A. Wagner III ’99
Lihong Wang ’99 and Zhihong Li ’99
Alan Wilkinson ’84
Morton F. Wolf ’79
Anthony Yoseloff ’99
Michael Jay Zamkow ’84
Anonymous (3)



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Endowed and Capital Support

As we celebrate Reunion 2014, Columbia Business School gratefully acknowledges alumni legacy gifts.

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