Videos and Presentation

Friday, April 23


Columbia CaseWorks – Don't Be Evil: Google’s 2004 Dutch Auction Initial Public Offering


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Columbia CaseWorks – The PieSky Ventures



A Taste of Executive Education: Influence Without Authority—

Persuading Your Boss, Subordinates and Peers


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Essentials of Estate Planning: What You Need to Know Without Paying Expensive Legal Fees to Learn It


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Career Workshop: The Post-Recession Workplace



Manhattanville Campus Update


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Saturday, April 24


The Secrets of High-Performance Leadership


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Learning to Change the World: Lessons from Business School



Dean’s State of the School Address


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Managing Risk in Your Investment Portfolio in the Wake of the Meltdown



Is Carbon-Free Energy a Possibility for the United States?



Thinking Big About Brands: What’s Now and Next?



Managing Global Accounts



Healthcare: Winners and Losers in a Changing Regulatory and Competitive Environment



Housing and Credit Markets: What’s Next?



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