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Gift Goal: $220,000
Progress to Date: $206,330
Participation Goal: 20%
Current Participation: 17.8%

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Class of 1967


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Reunion Weekend Highlights
FridayRetirement and Beyond Workshop
Manhattanville Campus Update
All-Class Welcome Reception at Cipriani 42nd Street
SaturdayDean Glenn Hubbard’s State of the School Address
Class of 1967 45th Reunion Cocktail Reception and Dinner at Del Posto Ristorante
SundayAlumni Family Brunch at Guastavino's


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Class Notes

Gerald Anderson ( )

Gerald Anderson writes: "As I sit writing a technical manual on a new infrared gas detector we have developed, I am not doing anything that I expected to do when I graduated. I presumed I would be a lawyer or a banker. Actually, I never worked even for a second at either profession. I did spend a couple of years at a Wall Street firm, perhaps that counts for the banking goal. Somehow I drifted into a completely different life. I never saw myself managing a company. But here I am and loving it. I get offers to buy the company all the time, but what would I do then? So the answer is always no. I discovered that despite only having one science course in college - geology- I love engineering and technology. For instance, I love my computer. It is where I store my brain. In this regard I am a PC, although some cracks have appeared with the advent of the iPad and iPhone.

"For a long time I was the technology expert for my wife's real estate company, I must admit that real estate and the homes we renovate and build from scratch are fun. Perhaps when I retire, I will go full time into home construction. Or, maybe not. After all, that means I have to retire and I have no intention of ever doing such a thing. The company is just going to have to put up with me as a grouchy old man. My VP says she has been doing that for some time -- so why stop now?

"My other interests are equally unrelated to my original ambitions. I run a family farm in Indiana where we grow corn and soybeans. Keep using that ethanol and high fructose corn syrup. They are good for you. Although as a good Texas boy, I sometimes wonder how I got roped into farming and not cattle. At least we don't have sheep. My latest challenge is trying to keep up with my son. He convinced me to go on, an Amazon sponsored site that shows the books you have read, intend to read, and are currently reading. So far this year I have read 48, last year I read 40 something. That seemed pretty good to me. But my son read more than 80 and his wife more than 100. I guess they needed some way to make sure I was kept in my place. Well, at least I can still beat him in tennis."

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