The occasion of your reunion provides an opportunity to make a contribution to Columbia Business School to help maintain its standard of excellence and ensure its continued success. Reunion 2013 class committees have set ambitious fundraising goals to support the School. All gifts made to the Columbia Business Fund or EMBA Fund between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013, by alumni in reunion class years count as Reunion 2013 donations. You can make a gift by check, stock transfer, or online at www.gsb.columbia.edu/makeagift.

Columbia Business School would like to thank the following individuals for responding to the 10/11/12 Reunion Campaign with generous leadership gifts in honor of Reunion 2013.

Michael Anderson ’83
Blake Bath ’88
Jud Bergman ’83
Stefano Bridelli ’83
Ciara Anne Burnham ’93
Anne Busquet ’78
Harry G. Charlston ’63
Pedro Caruso ’03
Hok Shan Chong ’73
Geoffrey Colvin ’78
Tad A. Danz ’68
Theodore J. Davies ’93
Carolyn Nannini Dolan ’78
Patrick F. Dolan ’78
Charles P. Eaton ’68
Robert S. Evans ’68
Anthony G. Fernandes ’68
Nicholas F. Galluccio ’78
David Gately ’83
Marco Ghisolfi ’88
Harold H. C. Han ’63
Alan Edward Hart ’83
Ellen Tauber Horing ’88
Stefanie Kahn ’83
Andrew Scott Kligerman ’88
Edward T. C. Lau ’73
Christian Mariager ’88

Marc Orlans Mayer ’83
Rodman Moorhead ’08
James F. Murray ’68
Willard J. “Mike? Overlock Jr. ’73
S. Steven Pan ’88
Paul Pariser ’78
Edward W. Plaut ’78
Lizanne Rosenstein ’88
Bruce Sargent ’68
Paolo Scaroni ’73
David M. Silfen ’68
Jon D. Simonian ’68
Mona Sinha ’93
Barry Snyder ’93
George G-F So ’78
Sheldon M. Stone ’78
Henry Swieca ’83
Hal David Teitelbaum ’98
Masahiko Uotani ’83
Archie van Beuren ’83
Maria Teresa Vivas de Mata ’93
Teri Coleman Volpert ’88
Lulu C. Wang ’83
Alisa Wood ’08
(Scott) Gang Zheng ’98
Anonymous (8)



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