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Under the aegis of the Richard Paul Richman Center for Business, Law, and Public Policy, Columbia University’s Business and Law Schools benefit from an unprecedented opportunity to jointly lead discourse on issues at the crossroads of their respective disciplines. The Business School is a powerful generator of ideas on economics, business, and public policy, and the Law School plays a leading role in the analysis and improvement of law, legal institutions, and public policy in a global society. The Business and Law Schools complement each other with their strengths, providing a strong foundation for collaborative research on issues of shared relevance and for articulating ideas at the level of policy and regulation.

Columbia Business School, established in 1916, is at the forefront of management education. Its innovative curriculum bridges academic theory and practice, equipping students with an entrepreneurial mindset to recognize and capture opportunity in a competitive business arena. Beyond academic rigor and teaching excellence, the Business School offers programs that are designed to give students practical experience, preparing them for leadership in real-world environments. Follow Columbia Business School on Twitter.

Columbia Law School, founded in 1858, joins its traditional strengths in business law, international and comparative law, constitutional law, administrative law, and human rights law with pioneering work in the areas of intellectual property, sexuality and gender, criminal, national security, and environmental law. Follow Columbia Law School on Twitter.

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Upcoming Events

December 18, 2014

"Israel, the United States, and the Shifting Energy Landscape"

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Agenda |  Registration | Live Broadcast

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This conference will focus on the energy landscape and its importance and is hosted by the Institute for National Security Studies, as well as three centers at Columbia University: the Center for Israeli Legal Studies, the Richman Center for Law Business and Public Policy, and the Center on Global Energy Policy.

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Public Lecture Series Seasonal

November 11, 2014
Martin Schroeter and Laurie Simon Hodrick
"Capital Structure in Major Corporations"

November 5, 2014
Dave Bozeman
"US Competitiveness in the Manufacturing Sector"

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Global Justice Forum on Income Inequality

Conference proceedings will be available soon!

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Conference proceedings will be available soon!

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Featured Event

Dave Bozeman, SVP Catepillar Enterprise, on "U.S. Competitiveness in the Manufacturing Sector"

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Analyzing Global Financial Stability: "Have we Tamed the Too Big To Fail Financial Institutions?"

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