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Experiential Learning

Knowledge through Real-World Experience

Students play a central role in the ongoing development of experiential learning programs supported and organized with the Social Enterprise Program. They work closely with faculty and staff members on initiatives and activities that help strengthen the program—and in the process they increase their knowledge, build leadership and management skills, and expand their career networks.

Through initiating events, action in the community, internships, and extracurricular projects, students not only integrate social enterprise into their own MBA experience, they also further build the foundations of Social Enterprise across Columbia Business School. Initiatives such as the International Development Consulting Project Travel Fund and the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program, allow students to gain experience, work on projects using their MBA skills, while directly connecting with practitioners, organizations, and alumni in social enterprise. The student-driven quality of these programs are key strengths and provides opportunities to manage as well as participate in these programs.

Since its founding in 1981, the program has been continually advanced by students’ entrepreneurial drive and vision; the result has always been greater effectiveness in responding to emerging societal needs and in providing meaningful ways for MBAs to make a difference.

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