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Social Enterprise in the News

Highlighting Social Enterprise Program initiatives, ideas, alumni, and faculty members featured in the news.

November 2014

Africa Inspires A Health Care Experiment in New York
WNYC— November 24, 2014
City Health Works, founded by Manmeet Kaur '12, uses a service model similar to "community health coaches" in South Africa, to reach and build more trust between East Harlem residents and their health care providers.

At the Columbia Social Enterprise Conference, Millennials Rising — November 7, 2014
An overview article on the 2014 Social Enterprise Conference, Millennials Rising: What's Next for Sustainability?

China's Wealthy Look to Make 'Social Impact' on Education
China Daily — November 7, 2014
Prof. Ray Horton is quoted about the upcoming Executive Education program for the Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Development Center (CSRDC).

China enters the era of social impact investing
PR Newswire — November 3, 2014
A press release announcing the partnership of the Social Enterprise Program, Social Enterprise Conference and Executive Education Programs in Social Enterprise with Shenzhen CSRDC.


October 2014

The Closed Loop Fund Helps Cities Increase Recycling
Triple Pundit — October 30, 2014
The structure of The Closed Loop Fund, led by Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen '04 is explained.

Dell family foundation invests in Bangalore-based Kinara Capital
Business Standard — October 28, 2014
Kinara Capital, led by Hardika Shah '09, has received an investment from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

Obamacare foot soldiers, armed with experience
Politico — October 24, 2014
Ben Thomases '03, the executive vice president of Seedco, is quoted about the roll-out of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Barack Obama nominates Indian-American as Ambassador to Sweden
The Economic Times — October 24, 2014
SEP Advisory Board member Azita Raji '91 has been named a US Ambassador to Sweden.

Net Impact Celebrates Two Decades of Breaking Boundaries to Repair the World
New Global Citizen — October 20, 2014
Liz Maw '01, CEO of Net Impact, blogged about the organization's growth and the topics that would be covered during its 2014 Conference, which was attended by a group of 10 current Social Enterprise Club students.

Columbia Business School Entrepreneurs A to Z
Columbia Business — October 9, 2014
An article spotlighting key Columbia Business School entrepreneurs. Among the alumni mentioned are: Jocelyn Leavitt '07, co-founder of Hopscotch; Ben Powell '05 of Agora Partnerships; Conference governing board member Joan Hornig '83; and Michael Dwork '07 of VerTerra.


September 2014

Real Progress on Emissions Can Lead to a Global Pact
The New York Times — September 29, 2014
SEP Co-director Bruce Usher's op-ed on US policies on climate change.

Don't Waste This Opportunity for Climate Action
The Guardian — September 23, 2014
Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen '04 writes about the importance of participating in the People's Climate March, his role as the former deputy commissioner for Sanitation, Recycling, and Sustainability, and his new role as a co-founder of The Closed Loop Fund.

Startups for a Better World
Columbia Business — September 19, 2014
An article featuring alumni who are social entrepreneurs, featuring Hardika Shah '09 of Kinara Capital, Shayne McQuade '94 of Voltaic Systems, Doug Krugman '93 and Lynn Zises '96 of WebThriftStore; and Casey Santiago '06 of


August 2014

Uptown Group Makes Healthy Living Easy for East Harlemites, City Seeks to Partner Ups
Daily News — August 27, 2014
An article highlighting the work of City Health Works founder Manmeet Kaur '12.

Postcard from Detroit MBAx: Can Tea Revitalize Motor City
The Guardian — August 26, 2014
A piece by Social Enterprise Summer Fellows Sam Wollner '14 and Annie Koo '14 about their time working with MBAs Across America.

5 Bad Reasons to Make Your Social Enterprise For-Profit … and 3 Good
BRW — August 7, 2014
Frogtek, a venture by David del Ser '08, is cited as a positive example of a for-profit social venture.


July 2014

Students Run Research Project from the Bottoms Up
CBS Minnesota — July 20, 2014
A piece about one of the Columbia Business School MBAs Across America teams working with a small brewery during their time participating in the program. This was one of two Columbia teams funded by the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship program, and was comprised of Elizabeth Pfeiffer '14, Guillaume Calzalaa '14, Jasmine Ainetchian '14 and Atif Qadir '14.

Savvy Risks, Sustainable Rewards
Ideas at Work — July 18, 2014
SEP Co-Director Bruce Usher examines how and why it is necessary to take chances on renewable energy.

5 Lessons on Climate Change Financing — July 11, 2014
Giulia Christianson '11 and Milap Patel highlight five lessons on financing climate change.


April 2014

Peeled Snacks Closes Funding Round led by Avondale Strategic Partners and TFIC
Hispanic — April 30, 2014
Peeled Snacks, led by Noha Waibsnaider '02, successfully completed a round of significant equity financing, partnering with Avondale Strategic Partners and TFIC.

2014 GLG Social Impact Fellows
GLG — April 29, 2014
Manmeet Kaur '12, founder of City Health Works, and Ben Powell '05, founder of Agora Partnerships, have been named to the list of 2014 Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) Social Impact Fellows.

B Corp "Best for the World 2014"
B Corp — April 29, 2014
SLOWCOLOR, founded by Sanjay Rajan EMBA '11, was named to B Corp's list of best B Corps for 2014.

What High Schools Can Do for 'Unprepared' Students
Education Next — April 25, 2014
Leah Hamilton '04, program director at the Carnegie Corporation of New York, penned an article about how high schools can be restructured to provide better learning opportunities for "unprepared" students.

Millennials Will Bring Impact Investing Mainstream
Stanford Social Innovation Review — April 24, 2014
Lindsay Norcott '12 and Jed Emerson writes on how a large number of wealthy millennials will soon be in the position to expand the popularity of impact investing.

Recap — E+Co Case Study with Bruce Usher
Inspiring Capital Blog — April 14, 2014
SEP Co-director Bruce Usher led a case-study workshop at the Impact Investing NYC Meet-up Group.

The sun is shining on and at the White House: Honoring Solar #WHChamps
Get Energy Smart! Now! — April 11, 2014
Donnel Baird '13 was named a "Champion for Change" by the White House for his work on solar energy with his social venture, BlocPower.

MBAs will turn brownfields into green — if investors help them out
Quartz — April 11, 2014
Adjunct Prof. Georgia Levenson Keohane writes about the growing popularity of sustainable investing competitions among MBA students.

New York City Expands Pilot Program for Organic Waste Collection
CBS New York — April 10, 2014
Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen EMBA '04 is quoted on the expansion of NYC's organic waste collection program.

Chiefs at Big Firms Are Often Last to Get Bad News
Wall Street Journal — April 3, 2014
As the latest congressional hearings involving the General Motors Co. CEO Mary Barra continues, Prof. Ray Fisman is quoted on the feasibility of CEOs being unaware of issues happening at their organization. (Subscription required).


March 2014

Three Ingredients to Mainstream Social Enterprise
The Huffington Post — March 26, 2014
Nell Derick Debevoise EMBA '12 writes about the "ingredients" necessary for social enterprise success, and mentions SEP Co-director Bruce Usher.

Taking Museums and Cultural Institutions Mobile
Lang Center Entrepreneurship News — March 22, 2014
An interview with Samantha Diamond '11 about her venture CultureConnect, a technology service that allows cultural institutions and museums to create a more engaging experience for visitors.

Social Savers
Ideas at Work — March 21, 2014
Recent research by Prof. Emily Breza shows how having a community peer monitor an individual's rate of saving can help the poorest of the poor increase their wealth.

The Connectors: How Nell Derick Debevoise and Her Team Make Grants Happen
Inside Philanthropy — March 21, 2014
A feature on the work done by Inspiring Capital, founded by Nell Derick Debevoise EMBA '12, an organization that helps small nonprofits become self-funded while assisting donors to create more impact.

IIM-A's venture investment arm Infuse backs four more cleantech startups — March 19, 2014
REConnect Energy, founded by Vibhav Nuwal '08, is one of the cleantech companies to receive funding from Infuse Ventures, a new cleantech fund from IIM Ahmedabad's tech incubator.

The Long View
Columbia Business — March 18, 2014
As part of the new "At the Center" question and answer series, Social Enterprise Summer Fellow Uzayr Jeenah ’14 chats with Mary Jane McQuillen EMBA ’07 of ClearBridge Investments about the real returns of investing in a sustainable future.

President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts
Newsfiber — March 13, 2014
SEP Advisory Board Member Ronnie Planalp '86 was appointed as a member to the Advisory Committee on the Arts for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts by President Obama.

Researchers find new way of valuing the welfare of future generations in climate policy
Environmental Research Web — March 5, 2014
Prof. Geoffrey Heal outlines how to consider future generations when assessing the costs and benefits of policies limiting the risk of climate change.


February 2014

Banking in 'transition' as role models emerge
The Financial Times — February 26, 2014
Avid Modjtabai's '88 rise to a senior leadership position at Wells Fargo has made her a "woman to watch" as the financial industry undergoes cultural changes.

Does organizational bureaucracy kill individual creativity?
MK MBA — February 21, 2014
A feature article of Prof. Ray Fisman's research on organizational economics, discussed in his book The Org.   (Article in Korean) See the English translation here.

Taking Sustainable Investing to the Next Level
LinkedIn — February 19, 2014
Chairman and CEO of Morgan Stanley, James Gorman '87, writes about the expanding role of sustainable investing. The article also mentions the Sustainable Investing Fellowship, a joint initiative between Columbia Business School and Morgan Stanley.

Preparing for Disaster by Betting Against It
The New York Times — February 12, 2014
Adjunct Prof. Georgia Levenson Keohane examines the financial gains and risks of public-private partnerships in the form of a "catastrophe bond."

The Wages of Health
Columbia Magazine — Winter 2014
2014 Alumni Innovator Award winner Manmeet Kaur '12 and her social venture, City Health Works, are the focus of this article in the Columbia alumni magazine.


January 2014

Development Standards Changing, Sustainability Executive Says — January 23, 2014
Sara Neff '10 explains how the standards for LEED certification and sustainable building have changed over the years.

Straining Emergency Rooms by Expanding Health Insurance
Science — January 17, 2014
Prof. Ray Fisman opines on the myth that the availability of universal healthcare will decrease the American healthcare system’s reliance on emergency room care.

Bangalore: VCs look for new areas to invest — January 9, 2014
Vikas Raj '10 speaks about the opportunities in mobile banking in India.

Here's An Unexpected Way Climate Change Could Affect Productivity
Business Insider — January 1, 2014
Research by Prof. Geoffrey Heal on the impact that extreme temperatures have on productivity is mentioned.


December 2013

Goldma Sachs's Glen Appointed New York City Deputy Mayor
Bloomberg Politics — December 30, 2013
Adjunct Prof. Alicia Glen has been appointed New York City Deputy Mayor for housing and economic development by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Corporate support for dance groups uneven

Crain's NY — December 20, 2013
Lane Harwell '12 speaks about corporate donations to dance companies within New York City.

Who's Getting Zuckerberg's 1 Billion?
Wall Street Journal — December 19, 2013
Adjunct Prof. Melissa Berman is quoted on the topic of philanthropic giving.


November 2013

Social Seal of Approval Lures Talent
The Wall Street Journal — November 13, 2013
The Columbia Business School's Loan Assistance Program is cited as an option available for recent graduates who wish to work at B Corps.

Goldman plans $250m 'social impact' fund
The Financial Times — November 3, 2013
Adjunct Prof. Alicia Glen is quoted in an article on Goldman Sach's launch of a $250 social impact fund.

Gorman: We are Matching Investors Needs, Desires
Bloomberg TV — November 1, 2013
Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman '87 discusses the launch of a new sustainability initiative with Columbia Business School.

Columbia Business School and Morgan Stanley Launch Sustainable Investing Fellowship
The Wall Street Journal — November 1, 2013
Morgan Stanley launches its Sustainable Investing Fellowship in partnership with Columbia Business School and the Social Enterprise Program.


October 2013

Books That Read You
iQ — October 16, 2013
Daniel Fountenberry '08, founder of education technology start-up iQ, writes about the inspiration to begin his company BorneDigital.

Business Professor Probes the Hidden Economics of Almost Everything
Columbia University News — October 8, 2013
A profile of Prof. Ray Fisman's body of research, with a particular emphasis on his latest book, The Org.


2013 Social Enterprise Conference

Engaging Customers and Clients in Social Change
Next Billion — October 17, 2013
A recap of highlights from the 2013 Social Enterprise Conference.

A Reality Check from Three Innovative Social Enterprises
Peer Insight — October 9, 2013
Social Enterprise Conference moderator Natalie Foley writes about her experiences at her session.

Columbia Business School Student Explains Impact Investing and its Main Players
Global Envision — September 16, 2013
Marnie Florin '14, who organized the impact investing session at the 2013 Social Enterprise Conference, blogs about Impact Investing.


September 2013

The 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking
American Banker — September 19, 2013
Social Enterprise Program Advisory Board Member Avid Modjtabai '88 is ranked Number 5 on the list of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking.

This Chart Shows What An Incredible Difference A Good Teacher Can Make
Business Insider — September 16, 2013
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's working paper on the impact of having a very high quality teacher on primary school students is featured.

Getting to the Bottom End of Poverty Starts with the Ultrapoor
Huffington Post — September 16, 2013
William Abrams '78, executive director of Trickle Up, writes about the need to consider the plight of the "ultrapoor" in the discussion of poverty alleviation.

After Overhead: Investing in Nonprofit Financial Fitness
Philanthropy News Digest — September 11, 2013
Rebecca Thomas '04 discusses how to assess the health of a nonprofit's business model and capital structure.

Obama appoints Indian-American fund raiser to key administration post
The Economic Times — September 7, 2013
Social Enterprise Program Advisory Board Member Azita Raji '91 was named by President Obama as a Member of the President's Commission on White House Fellowship.


Summer 2013

Kangu Creates A Global Mommy Group
Daily Candy — July 11, 2013
This piece featured, a social venture founded by Casey Santiago '07, a crowd-funding platform for providing healthy births for women across the world.

Bringing New York City Dance Into the Limelight
The New York Times — June 3, 2013
Lane Harwell '12 is quoted about the new advertising campaign his organization, DanceNYC, is launching to promote the arts (dance) in the city.

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May 2013

What is the best way of innovating for social change?
The Financial Times — May 5, 2013
Prof.s Ray Fisman and Bruce Usher, Co-Directors of the Social Enterprise Program (SEP), shed light on some of the challenges social entrepreneurs may face in making organizational decisions.


April 2013

MBA graduates bypass Wall Street
Crain's New York — April 28, 2013
SEP alumus Joe Silver '11 serves as an example of how MBA students are increasingly pursuing careers outside of Wall Street.

Brown v. Board Reduced CrimeSlate — April 9, 2013
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of school integration on student crime rate is cited in Prof. Ray Fisman's column.

EVR1m the Kai Zen Master & the Long March of Human Progress
Huffington Post — April 8, 2013
A feature on Brandon Peele's '04 company EVR1, which creates sustainable goods from upcycled materials.

 Ron Gonen '04
Ron Gonen '04, New York City's first-ever deputy commissioner of sanitation, recycling and sustainability joined WNYC weekly throughout the month of April to discuss recycling in New York City.


March 2013

Net Driven Founder and EVR1 Co-Founder Join Gracious Fade “Digital Time Capsule” Team in Advisory Roles
SF Gate — March 27, 2013
Patrick Sandone '03 and Brandon Peele '04 recently joined an organization dedicated to improving the "emotional good" of individuals by providing a way to leave last words with loved ones upon their demise.

Professor Profiles: Ray Fisman, Columbia Business School
MBAmission — March 13, 2013
MBAmission highlights Prof. Ray Fisman's research and previously published work.

Standard Tests Due Reveal Which Teachers are Best
Bloomberg — March 12, 2013
Peter Orszag references Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research about the correlation between a teacher value-added and students' future incomes.


February 2013

Want to Use Business to Make a Difference? Get Experience (But Not Too Much)
Harvard Business Review — February 6, 2013
David del Ser '08 is used as an example of how past business experience can be an asset to career-changers moving into the social enterprise space.

Green Push Reaches Barbershops and Bodegas
Wall Street Journal — February 19, 2013
BlocPower, a social venture founded by Donnel Baird '13, helps guide small businesses on the best methods for retrofitting their locations.

7 companies led by women — February 19, 2013
SEP Board Member Avid Modjtabai's '88 role in completing Wells Fargo's merger with Wachovia is given as an example of how hiring women has been benificial to Wells Fargo's bottom line.

The 50 Most Influential Business Professors of 2013
MBA — February 20, 2013
Prof. Ray Fisman is ranked as one of the most influential business professors of 2013.

Combined Measures Better at Gauging Teacher Effectiveness, Study Finds
Education Week — February 22, 2013
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on teacher effectiveness is mentioned.

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 Donnel Baird '13
Social Enterprise Club member Donnel Baird '13 discusses how his venture BlocPower connects construction projects to low-income workers on PBS NewsHour's Agents of Change.


January 2013

When Public Outperforms Private in Services
The New York Times — January 15, 2013
Prof. Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan's book, The Org: The Underlying Logic of the Office, is mentioned in a broader discussion about the move to privatize state-owned enterprises and outsource services. The article also examines what the private sector can do better than government and what it may do worse.

How She Leads: Erika Karp, UBS — January 15, 2013
Alumna Erika Karp '91 is interviewed about her career path in the sustainable business sector.

NFF's CEO Antony Bugg-Levine Talks Impact Investing with SCG Members
Southern California Grantmakers (SCG) — January 24, 2013
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine, Nonprofit Finance Fund CEO, addresses impact investing challenges and opportunities in this SCG Collaborative program, "Impact Investing: A Conversation From the Leading Edge."

In China, Politically Connected Firms Have Higher Worker Death Rates
Bloomberg BusinessWeek — January 28, 2013
Prof. Fisman has his research on the relationship between worker fatalities and a firm's management cited.

Risk, Innovation, and Social Value
Ideas at Work — January 30, 2013
Prof. Bruce Kogut, discusses the importance of social impact bonds as a type of financial innovation.

USAID’s Maura O’Neill: ‘Scale from the beginning’
Devex Impact — November 27, 2012
Maura O'Neill '05, Chief Innovation Officer at USAID, speaks about the impact of USAID's partnership with Devex.

Listen to Prof. Fisman speak on NPR his latest book, The Org: The Underlying Logic of the Office. The Org aims to explain why organizations — for profits, like BP, and government agencies, like the Baltimore Police Department, — work as they do.


December 2012

7 tips to landing a job in impact investing— December 6, 2012
Emma Vaughn '13 provides her top seven pieces of advice for fellow MBA students interested in breaking into the impact investing field.

Ray Horton
Founder, Social Enterprise Program
Best B-School Road Trip: Columbia Business School, BusinessWeek


November 2012

Bringing The Concepts Of Peer Coaches And Local Health Workers From Africa To Harlem — November, 2012
City Health Works!, an organization founded by Manmeet Kaur '12, is developing a peer coaching system to help with achieving its goals in Harlem communities.

Politics of Global Equity Prices
Columbia University YouTube — November 13, 2012
On November 13, 2012, Ray Fisman, Lambert Family Professor of Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School, presented Politics of Global Equity Prices. The presentation was part of the Program for Financial Studies' No Free Lunch Seminar Series.

Antony Bugg-Levine, CEO Nonprofit Finance Fund
Wharton Social Impact Conference — November 15, 2012
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine is interviewed about his work about social impact before he serves as keynote at the Wharton Social Impact Conference.

Business School Professor Creates Executive Program for Local Nonprofit Leaders
New York Stories — November 16, 2012
An interview with Prof. Ray Horton about his career at Columbia and the launch of the West Harlem program.

Complete Capital
Stanford Social Innovation Review — November 27, 2012
In this article, Antony Bugg-Levine explains NFF's approach to solving social problems: Complete Capital. More than just another way to rebrand public-private partnerships, complete capital is a framework for recognizing the complete set of perspectives and capabilities required to address complex social challenges.


October 2012

mGood, UR Mobile Bring Mobile Web Donations to Nonprofits
PR Web — October 2, 2012
Alumnae run technology start-up mGood (Leah Pederson Thomas '10) announced its partnership with UR Mobile, which was officially launched with the use of mGood technology at the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference.

Nonprofit Finance Fund selected for the Impact Assets
Nonprofit Finance Fund — October 2, 2012
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine is quoted about the importance of impact investing for funneling resources towards social good.

E+Co Avoids Liquidation, Barely, and Emerges Persistent
The Huffington Post — October 3, 2012
Prof. Bruce Usher is quoted about the challenges associated with E+Co's restructuring.

2012 Social Enterprise Conference Coverage

Aligning Strategy to Maximize Impact: Reflections from Columbia's Social Enterprise Conference 2012
NextBillion —October 11, 2012
An insightful roundup of key discussion topics discussed and debated during this year's Social Enterprise Conference.

How to Fund Your Social Enterprise
good-b — October 10, 2012
A recap of the "Financial Innovations in Community Reinvestment" panel at the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference, moderated by Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine.

Why is it difficult to Align Strategy with Impact?
TriplePundit — September 26, 2012
Conference Co-Chair Regina Lee '13 blogs about how the 2012 Conference focuses on the relationships between an organization's impact and its strategy initiatives.

Paul Farmer
Founding Director, Partners in Health
Dr. Paul Farmer gave the morning keynote address at the 2012 Social Enterprise Conference


September 2012

Columbia Business School Receives $25 Million Gift toward new facilities and Social Enterprise Program
SysCon Media — September 5, 2012
An anonymous $25 million gift has earmarked $1.75 million to the Social Enterprise Program.

How Teacher Strikes hurt student achievement
The Washington Post — September 10, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff is mentioned for his research on the impact of teacher absenteeism.

Reversing America's Poverty Epidemic: New Book Urges Entrepreneurial Approach to Building Sustainable Communities 
Nonprofit Finance Fund — September 18, 2012
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine contributed a chapter to a recently published book about poverty within the United States.

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February 2012

Formula uncovers the 'value added'
The New York Post — February 25, 2012
Upon the release of NYC teachers' individual scores, The Post looked at Prof. Jonah Rockoff's value-added analysis.

Release of Teacher Data Is Widely Denounced
The New York Times — February 24, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff said he opposed the publicizing of individual teachers' value-added scores.

The State and Future of Impact Investing
Forbes — February 23, 2012
b discussed the emerging trends and ideas, challenges, and opportunities in impact investing.

The Three Most Important Ingredients
Collaborative Fund — February 23, 2012
Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen, who is teaching two courses on social entrepreneurship this spring, revealed the three most important ingredients for an entrepreneur's success.

Why we won't publish individual teachers' value-added scores
Gotham Schools — February 23, 2012
Education research on evaluation methods of teachers by Prof. Jonah Rockoff and colleagues was debated.

As gas prices rise, Obama to speak on energy future
Marketplace — February 23, 2012
Prof. Geoffrey Heal discussed energy in the face of rising gas prices.

Superstar teachers
Harvard Gazette — February 21, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the economic impact of teachers — for example, that elementary school teachers can boost students' future income by an average of about 2 percent per year — was featured.

Columbia MBA Students Win First Place at Net Impact Case Competition
February 19, 2012
MBA students Morris Cox ’13, Elmer Moore ’13, Miklos Raibon ’13, and Donnel Baird ’13 won first place in the Net Impact Case Competition, which focused on the intersection between sustainability and profitability in a controversial industry.

Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship Week
MBAmash — February 17, 2012
MBA students Sarah Kafka ’12 and Esther Quintana ’12 discussed initiatives during student-led Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship fundraising week.

How to get ahead in US museums
The Art Newspaper — February 15, 2012
The Programs in Social Enterprise Executive Education custom program with The Center for Curatorial Leadership was attributed to preparing museum curators for the role of director.

Will You Accept This Digital Rose?
Slate — February 13, 2012
Prof. Ray Fisman looked at how digital flowers could improve online daters' chances of getting a date accepted.

Ross Hosts First Renewable Energy Case Competition
Michigan Ross School of Business — February 11, 2012
Columbia Business School MBA students Daniel Mintzer ’13, Morris Cox ’13, Donnel Baird ’13, and Yaniv Kalish ’12 placed second in one of the preeminent national competitions focusing on the renewable energy industry.

Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness
The Diane Rehm Show — February 9, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff spoke about his research on evaluating teachers' impact on students.

Diana Fortuna
City & State — February 6, 2012
Diana Fortuna ’82, CFO of the Metropolitan Opera, talked about her 25-year in the public sector and transitioning to the arts field.

Preschool Teacher Sells Chili to Make Ends Meet: Where Are Our Values?
Huffington Post — February 6, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research uncovering the long-term impact of teachers led to quesetions about teacher salaries and increased pay.

The 2012 Echoing Green Semifinalists
Echoing — February 2, 2012
Manmeet Kaur ’12 was announced as a 2012 Echoing Green Semifinalist for her social venture City Health Works!

A Study on the Impact of Good Teachers Sparks National Attention
Columbia News — February 2, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on evaluating teacher performance by using the "value-added" method, which rates teachers by their impact on student test scores, was featured.

Food for Naught
Slate — February 1, 2012
Prof. Ray Fisman looked at a new study asking whether sending food aid to struggling nations does more harm than good.

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January 2012

Poor Economics: Rethinking Global Poverty
eList — January 27, 2012
Video from the Poor Economics book talk with Prof.s Esther Duflo and Abhijit V. Banerjee, which was part of SEP's Research Meets Practice speaker series, was featured.

Pedde: The Importance of Good Teachers
The Dartmouth — January 25, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Female-Led Angel Investor Boot Camp Announces 2012 Fellows
BetaBeat — January 23, 2012
Angela Lee ’07 was one of this year's group of women to receive a Pipeline Fellowship, which trains impact investors.

Yes to Bloomberg’s bonus
New York Daily News — January 22, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research showing the lasting effects of a good teacher was cited in advocating for performance-based pay increases for teachers.

What Parents Deserve to Know: Or Why Publishing Value-Added Teacher Data Makes Sense
Dropout Nation — January 20, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Antony Bugg-Levine: Create a more just world
Faith and Leadership — January 19, 2012
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine discussed impact investing.

ETFs Still Popular Despite Not Making Money
Institutional Investor — January 18, 2012
Mark Zurack, SEP Advisory Board member and executive-in-residence, discussed exchange-traded funds.

Raj Chetty and Colleagues Release Controversial Education Study
Harvard Magazine — January 18, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Confirmed: Charter Schools Beat the Daylights Out of Public Schools
American Thinker — January 18, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Ravitch: Problems with the big teacher evaluation study
Washington Post — January 17, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Why America Needs Good Teachers
Huffington Post — January 17, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

What's a Good Teacher Worth? Economists Can Tell You… — January 16, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

M.B.A.'s Tout Benefits of Studying Politics
US News — January 16, 2012
Sarah Kafka ’12, co-president of the Social Enterprise Club, discussed her experience at the School and in Prof. Ray Horton's Modern Political Economy class.

The Persistence Of Both Teacher Effects And Misinterpretations Of Research About Them
Whitney Tilson's Ed Reform blog — January 16, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Good Teachers Bring Lasting Gains
CBS Philly — January 16, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Teachers Matter. Now What?
The Nation — January 15, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

How to Solve the Teacher Pay Puzzle
The Atlantic — January 13, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff discussed linking teacher pay to performance.

Elementary, middle school teachers affect students' later success
The Daily Northwestern — January 12, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

The lasting impact of good teachers
CNN — January 11, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

The Value of Teachers
The New York Times — January 11, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Just One High-Quality Middle School Teacher Could Help You Earn $4,600 Down the Road [Study]
Bostinno — January 9, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

College grads make strides in nonprofit world
Crain's New York — January 8, 2012
Prof. Clifford Schorer discussed how more students pursue careers in the nonprofit sector
This story also appeared in Nonprofit Quarterly.

A good teacher’s lessons last a lifetime
New York Daily News — January 8, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

New Study Gauges Teachers Impact on Students' Lifetime Earnings
PBS — January 6, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Big Study Links Good Teachers to Lasting Gain
The New York Times — January 6, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

Thanks, Teach
Slate — January 6, 2012
Prof. Ray Fisman looked at a recent education study co-authored by Prof. Jonah Rockoff.

Can a good teacher change a student for life? — January 6, 2012
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of good teachers was featured.

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December 2011

Where Business Thinkers Learn Their Lessons
The Wall Street Journal — December 28, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman offered books from his must-read list.

Advocates claim K–8 schools improve grades, skills
Lodi News-Sentinel — December 27, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff discussed his research on the benefits of K–8 schools.

Ray Fisman and eBay Giving Works [Video]
eBay Giving Works — December 22, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman discussed his research on eBay's Giving Works program and how corporate social responsibility can positively affect a company's bottom line.

The NEA’s Nice But Meaningless Plan for Teacher Quality Reform
Dropout Nation — December 15, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on how to better organize schools to improve student achievement was cited.

Amherst Regional eyes later school start time
GazetteNET — December 9, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on organizational reforms in schools, including the benefits to middle and high schools starting at a later hour, was mentioned. (Login required.)

Masdar City, Castle in the Sand
BusinessWeek — December 8, 2011
Prof. Geoffrey Heal commented on Masdar City, a new "green" city in the United Arab Emirates.

MBAs Lend Their Skills to Nonprofit Boards
BusinessWeek — December 5, 2011
The School's Nonprofit Board Leadership Program, which pairs MBA students with alumni mentors serving on nonprofit boards, was featured.

Mexican Drug Cartels and the Limits of Rational Choice
InSight — December 2, 2011
This outlet referred to Prof. Ray Fisman's report on Slate regarding solutions to Mexico's drug trafficking problem.

Coworking: the pivot in today’s transformation of work?
GigaOM — December 2, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman's Slate article on worker productivity when telecommuting was referenced.

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November 2011

China's Problems Still Manageable, Says Nobel Laureate
Chazen Global Insights — November 29, 2011
Nobel Laureate Michael Spence discussed global shifts in economic development at a Research Meets Practice event.

Narco Economics
Slate — November 29, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman looked at a new study that could help Mexico win its war on drug traffickers.

Columbia Business School Through the Eyes of Four Current Students
Beat the GMAT — November 28, 2011
Jon Taylor ᾿13 talked about the Social Enterprise Program's many offerings for students.

3 Social Entrepreneurship Graduate Programs
Matthew Alberto's Change the World — November 24, 2011
This blog featured the Social Enterprise Program as one of three programs for social entrepreneurship.

5 Keys to Getting Your Social Venture Funded
Inc. Magazine — November 23, 2011
Kesha Cash ’10, founder of Jalia Ventures, offered her advice on how to get funding for a social venture.

Going down to Chinatown
The Daily Californian — November 22, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman's research on the economics of dating looked at dating preferences across race.

Mashing Economists and Venture Capitalists to Innovate in Development Assistance
Devex — November 21, 2011
Maura O'Neill EMBA ’05, chief innovation officer at the US Agency for International Development, wrote about innovative financing for development.

Model Teachers
Hermes — November 21, 2011
The School's alumni magazine featured Ron Gonen EMBA '04, founder of RecycleBank, who will be teaching two new courses on social entrepreneurship this spring.

Columbia University Graduate School of Business
First Post — November 21, 2011
This outlet featured photos of Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee at the 2011 Social Enterprise Conference.

Energy and Carbon Markets with Prof. Geoffrey Heal
Columbia Alumni Association — November 18, 2011
The CU Alumni Association highlighted a video of Prof. Geoffrey Heal.

Not All ETFs Are Created Equal
Institutional Investor — November 16, 2011
Adjunct Prof. Mark Zurack, SEP Advisory Board member and executive-in-residence, commented on the value of Exchange Traded Funds.

Proof there is no proof for education reforms
Washington Post — November 14, 2011
A New York City principal cited Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on effective teaching and the achievement gap.

Why Flex-Time Is A Win-Win For Employers And Women
The Grindstone — November 11, 2011
The Grindstone looked at Prof. Ray Fisman's recent report on Slate and how flex-time isn't just good for women — it's good for employers.

Is Telecommuting a Good Idea?
Slate — November 9, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman looked at a report on how flex-time at work can affect employee productivity.
This article also ran on Dallas News.

How best to tackle corruption?
The Guardian — November 7, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman's research indicated that cultural solutions could be the best way to stamp out corruption.

Investing in change according to Dr. Nair
Opalesque — November 3, 2011
Prof. Vinay Nair discussed socially responsible investing.

B-School Research Plumbs the Mysteries of Markets
BusinessWeek — November 2, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research used objective data on student achievement to evaluate teacher performance.

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October 2011

Sustainability lessons from the boardroom
Financial Times — October 31, 2011
Business practicioners, including Prof. Bruce Usher, bring their experience in sustainability to the classroom.

Outside-the-box idea wins Crain's pitch contest
Crain's New York — October 27, 2011
Surinder Singh ’97 won the Perfect Pitch Competition for his company that rents out reusable plastic containers for customers' moves.

Diverse set of representatives to state's NCLB waiver 'think tank'
Gotham Schools — October 26, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff is part of the group advising the state on how to apply for an exemption from No Child Left Behind’s requirements.

Debating the Value of Corporate Responsibility: #SustBiz This Thursday
Sustainable Business Forum — October 26, 2011
Prof. Vinay Nair and other experts debated whether corporate social responsibility was good or bad for business.

Antony Bugg-Levine: “My biggest failure at Rockefeller Foundation”
Agora Partnerships blog — October 23, 2011
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine discussed impact investing with Ben Powell ’05 at the 2011 Social Enterprise Conference.

ROI on education: increasing modernization and options
Social Good Consulting — October 22, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff discussed education reform at the 2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

A Picture of Democracy
Slate — October 21, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman discussed how digital cameras and smartphones might reduce corruption in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Prince George's on course to expand middle schools
The Washington Post — October 19, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff advocates the K–8 configuration for optimal learning.

Social Enterprise, the MBA Way
Find MBA blog — October 14, 2011
The blog features an SEP video on the business school role in fostering social enterprise.

Men don't like smarter women ... say what!?
The Sydney Morning Herald — October 13, 2011
The Herald cited Prof. Ray Fisman's research on the economics of dating.

The Good Guys Debate the Bad Guys About the Business Case for CSR
Triple Pundit — October 5, 2011
Prof. Vinay Nair and other experts debated whether corporate social responsibility was good or bad for business.

Be Your Own Bank: New Laws Could Unleash Crowdfunding For Startups
Good Business — October 3, 2011
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine discussed crowdfunding as a source for capital.

Rick Perry Wants to Send the Military into Mexico to Fight Drugs
The Atlantic — October 3, 2011
The publication cited Prof. Ray Fisman's research on corruption.


Coverage on the 2011 Social Enterprise Conference, including Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee:

Letters to the Editor: Social Enterprise
Queens Gazette — October 26, 2011

The Age of Big Data
Next Billion — October 20, 2011

Entrepreneur Space, An Innovative Incubator
The Queens Gazette — October 19, 2011

Training the next generation
The World Challenge blog — October 12, 2011
This text also appeared on

Social Entrepreneurship Coming Full Circle, at Columbia's Social Enterprise Conference
Next Billion — October 12, 2011

Technology Plus Humanity — An Equation for Social Collaboration
Next Billion — October 12, 2011

Nobel winner Leymah Gbowee speaks out on peace, women, and leadership
Christian Science Monitor — October 11, 2011

Social Enterprise Innovation
Innovation in Practice — October 10, 2011

Women's rights draws Nobel
Times Union — October 8, 2011

Trio shares Nobel Peace Prize in nod to women
Bangkok Post — October 8, 2011

'Have a goal' Nobel victor tells Wall Street activists
Al Arabiya News — October 8, 2011
This text also appeared in ABS CNBC News.

Power to the women! Trio shares Nobel Peace Prize — October 8, 2011

Nobel peace prize joint winner Leymah Gbowee says seeking absolute peace in world is her goal
Vancouver Sun — October 8, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee smiles as she addresses the Columbia Business School 2011 Social Enterprise Conference in New York — October 8, 2011

3 women win Nobel Peace Prize
Denver Post — October 8, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee gives a speech to the Columbia Business School Social Enterprise Conference at Columbia University in New York.
Yahoo! News — October 8, 2011

Innovation — The Science Behind the Magic
Next Billion Brasil — October 7, 2011
This text appears in Portugese.

Social Innovation in a Networked World
Next Billion Brasil — October 7, 2011
This text appears in Portugese.

Mobile phones generate money for 2 billion low-income people
Next Billion Brasil — October 7, 2011
This text appears in Portugese.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee acknowledges applause from the crowd at the Columbia Business School 2011 Social Enterprise Conference as she takes the stage in New York October 7, 2011.
Yahoo! News — October 7, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee gives a speech to the Columbia Business School Social Enterprise Conference at Columbia University in New York.
Yahoo! News — October 7, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize goes to women's rights activists
San Francisco Chronicle — October 7, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee addresses the Columbia Business School 2011 Social Enterprise Conference in New York October 7, 2011.
SRN News — October 7, 2011

Activists-Nobel Peace Prize will inspire African women
Trust Law — October 7, 2011

Reaching the Next Billion Through Mobile
Next Billion — October 5, 2011

Columbia Social Enterprise Conference Preview: Investing in Social Innovation
Next Billion — October 4, 2011
This text also appeared on Humanitarian News.

Oct. 7 — Social Enterprise Conference at Columbia
Right Events Right Job — October 3, 2011


Coverage on Naif Al-Mutawa ’03 and The 99, his comic book series inspired by principles of Islam:

The Start-Up Man: Naif al-Mutawa
Forbes — October 13, 2011

Islamic superheroes: Role models or propaganda? — October 13, 2011

Top Picks: "Independent Lens"
Telegram—October 13, 2011

Muslim comic series aims to break through in US
BusinessWeek — October 12, 2011
This text also appeared in the Huffington Post, Newsday, and The Times Leader.

Along the Heated Trail of the Man Who Created Muslim Superheroes
The New York Times — October 12, 2011

Naif Al-Mutawa fights to bring 'THE 99' and its message to wide U.S. audience
Washington Post — October 11, 2011

Tenth Season of PBS's Independent Lens Premieres on Thursday, October 13 With "Wham! Bam! Islam!"
MarketWatch — October 10, 2011

Wham! Bam! Islam! Comes to Independent Lens October 13, 2011
Technorati — October 10, 2011

99' Muslim superheroes star in new documentary
USA Today — October 7, 2011

Cheering a Muslim As We Do a Murderer
Huffington Post — October 6, 2011

Muslim superhero comics meet resistance in U.S.
CNN — October 5, 2011

99 Super-Muslim Heroes from Kuwait
Albawaba — October 4, 2011

Small Talk: Naif Al-Mutawa brings Islamic superheroes to life in comic book form
The Detroit News — October 3, 2011

Islam-Inspired Comic Superheroes, Lauded by Obama, Head to U.S.
Businessweek — October 2, 2011

TV Review: Independent Lens — Wham! Bam! Islam!
Blog Critics — October 2, 2011

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September 2011

Star Prof.s: Why Your Business School Professors Matter
MBA Podcaster — September 29, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman discussed his research and how it plays into his teaching experience. (Prof. Fisman interview begins at 9:41.)

The 21st Century Another American Century? Don't Bet on It — September 28, 2011
Matthew Philips, former Knight-Bagehot Fellow, wrote about Prof. Ray Horton's Modern Political Economy class and his thoughts on predictions of politics and economics.

Taking Stock of IRIS
Next Billion — September 27, 2011
Marin Kaleya ’12 looked at the Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) case study.

Our Pick: Social Enterprise Conference at Columbia University
CSR Wire — September 27, 2011
CSR Wire featured the 2011 Social Enterprise Conference as one of the most pertinent and revealing CSR-related events.

New York Leaps Into the Middle School Trap
Huffington Post — September 26, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff and Benjamin Lockwood discussed their findings on student achievement in middle school.

New Film Captures Struggle to Create First Muslim Superhero Comic
Branford Patch — September 25, 2011
Naif Al-Mutawa ’03 and The 99, his comic book series inspired by principles of Islam.

Agora Partnerships: "Optimism and Purpose are the World's Most Important Resource"
Forbes — September 20, 2011
Ben Powell ’05 founder of Agora Partnerships, talked about his experience with Agora and in international development.

The 99' aspires to teach Muslim principles
USA Today — September 19, 2011
Naif Al-Mutawa ’03 and The 99, his comic book series inspired by principles of Islam.

Metrics for Microshops: Frogtek Wins $206,000 to Help Shopkeepers in Emerging Countries
The New York Times — September 16, 2011
Frogtek, founded by Naif Al-Mutawa ’03, won the Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition with its app to help small shopkeepers in emerging markets run their businesses.

More on the End of Ed Schools
Dropout Nation — September 16, 2011
Dropout Nation noted that much of today's education research comes from outside of ed schools, including that from Prof. Jonah Rockoff.

Getting teacher evaluation right
Washington Post — September 15, 2011
The Post cited Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research in discussing how to evaluate teachers and develop high-quality teaching.

Success Stories: Finding a Niche
Inc. — September 15, 2011
Noha Waibsnaider ’02, founder of Peeled Snacks, talked about how she created a unique product amid a packed snacks market.

Thriving on the Value of Vice: Stop Making Too Much of CSR
Forbes — September 15, 2011
Prof. Vinay Nair and other experts debated whether corporate social responsibility was good or bad for business.

Familiarity Breeds...Better Loans?
Chazen Global Insights — September 7, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman looked at whether people do business with whom they are more familiar.

2011 – 2012 Class of White House Fellows — September 1, 2011
Debra Kurshan ’07, Alumni Circle member, was highlighted in the new class of White House Fellows.

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August 2011

Why NYC Teacher Performance Data Should Be Public (Or Rick Hess Gets It Wrong Again)
Dropout Nation — August 29, 2011
This blog on education reform looked at Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on teacher performance evaluation.

Business Studies Become Environmentally Friendly
The New York Times Green Blog — August 25, 2011
Liz Maw ’01, executive director of Net Impact, talked about the MBA's focus on sustainability.

Weather and War
Slate — August 24, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman looked at a study suggesting El Niño may be to blame for nearly a quarter of recent global conflicts.

Cross-Border Social Innovation
Social Edge — August 24, 2011
Selen Ucak ’03 co-hosted a conversation on global social innovation.

An Interview with Antony Bugg-Levine: Embracing Impact Investing — Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 — August 24, 2011
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine discussed impact investing and his new book, Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference.

2011 Inc. 500 List of America's Fastest-Growing Private Companies
Inc. — August 23, 2011
Peeled Snacks, founded by Noha Waibsnaider ’02, was ranked #488 on Inc.'s list, boasting a 706 percent growth in the last three years.

Park Slope 'Mompreneur' Noha Waibsnaider on Peeled Snacks [Video]
WPIX — August 22, 2011
Noha Waibsnaider ’02, founder of Peeled Snacks, talked about how she created the healthy snack option.

Fairies, Witches and Supply and Demand
The New York Times — August 20, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman commented on the idea of children's literature teaching economics.

Where young, wealthy people find help giving their money away
Reuters — August 17, 2011
Adjunct Prof. Melissa Berman talked about how she teaches students to make thoughtful philanthropic investments through the Strategic Philanthropy class.

Philanthropy Gains Eager Followers in B-Schools
BusinessWeek — August 17, 2011
Joanne Greenstein ’09 and Kate Szostak ’11 discussed takeaways from Adjunct Prof. Melissa Berman's Strategic Philanthropy class.

Social Enterprise Spotlight: Portable Solar Lighting
Forbes — August 15, 2011
Iany Ianachkova ’11 talked about her work with LuminAID Light.

Summer Spotlight: Punching Above One's Weight
Acumen Fund blog — August 12, 2011
Marin Kaleya ’12, Columbia Social Enterprise Summer Fellow at Acumen Fund, shared her experiences as a summer intern.

Ten Questions — Olivia Albrecht
Financial Times — August 10, 2011
The FT interviewed Olivia Albrecht ’11, 2010 Summer Fellow, about her business school experience.

The Irony of the S&P Downgrade — August 9, 2011
Matthew Philips, a 2010–2011 Knight-Bagehot Fellow, wrote about Prof. Ray Horton and lessons from his Modern Political Economy class.

Governing New York by Writing a Check
The New York Times — August 4, 2011
Prof. Ray Horton commented on Mayor Bloomberg's use of personal funds to make up for public funding shortfalls.

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July 2011

Sustainability Lessons from Jam: Less Choice is Greener Choice — July 14, 2011
Prof. Sheena Iyengar's research indicates that "less is more" — fewer choices waste fewer resources, making businesses more sustainable.

Does Health Coverage Make People Healthier?
Slate — July 7, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman looks at a new study, which finds that Medicaid is a very cost-effective way of improving Americans’ well-being.

The Rise of Kant
Stanford Social Innovation Review — July 6, 2011
Scott Hartley ’11 features SEP's courses, Nonprofit Board Leadership Program, and International Development Pro Bono Consulting Projects as part of the "Age of Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise."

Money Makes Cents [Video]
That's So New York — July 5, 2011
MBA students teach financial literacy to members of the community.

A Simple Matter of Branding
Financial Times — July 4, 2011
Andrea Wenner ’05 is featured for the success of her nonprofit, Out2Play.

Columbia Magazine — July 1, 2011
Siggi Hilmarsson ’04, founder of Siggi’s Skyr yogurt, Max Goldberg ’98, organic-food advocate and creator of, and Ron Gonen ’04, founder of Recyclebank, are featured as prominent University alumni.

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June 2011

Anti-Corruption Websites Pop Up in China
CNN — June 27, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman speaks on the ethical issues of anti-corruption sites in China.

NY Times Nonprofit Excellence Awards
New York Nonprofit Press — June 27, 2011
Winners of the New York Times's Nonprofit Excellence Awards will receive scholarships to Executive Education Programs in Social Enterprise.

Economic Recovery Remains Elusive for Lower-Income Households
Consumer Reports — June 23, 2011
Prof. Ray Horton comments on the recent recession's effect on the growing gap between wealthy and low-income households.

Where Harlem Meets Museum Mile
Hermes — June 15, 2011
Raji Kalra ’04, CFO of NYC’s Museum for African Art, describes her transition to the nonprofit sector.

The Future of Medicare [Video]
Scribe Health — June 7, 2011
Bob Kocher, director of the McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform and former special assistant to the president for healthcare and economic policy, discusses the long-term implications of the Affordable Care Act at the Social Enterprise Leadership Forum: The American Healthcare Landscape in 2014.

Mark McClellan at Columbia Business School: The Pathway to Accountable Care [Video]
ACO Digest — June 3, 2011
Mark McClellan, former administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, delivered the keynote address at the Social Enterprise Leadership Forum: The American Healthcare Landscape in 2014.

King at Columbia Business School [Video]
Whitney Tilson's School Reform Blog — June 2, 2011
John King, who was recently named New York's commissioner of education, spoke at the 2010 Social Enterprise Leadership Forum: Measuring and Creating Excellence in Schools. Read more in the SEP's education report.

Different Backgrounds, One Goal: 2011 Climate Corps fellows sent out to find energy
EDF + Business blog — June 1, 2011
Christopher Reynolds ’12, a LEED AP architect who aspires to integrate the economic, environmental, and social investments in the built environment, served as an EDF Climate Corps fellow.

The Persistence of Hate
Slate — June 1, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman looks at a recent study that found that German communities that murdered Jews in the Middle Ages were more likely to support the Nazis 600 years later.

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May 2011

The Highest Form of Flattery
Slate — May 30, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman examines whether knockoff Prada bags hurt Prada — or help the company sell more of the real thing.

Does doing good mean doing well? Research from colleague Ray Fisman
Rita McGrath blog — May 26, 2011
Rita McGrath discussed Prof. Ray Fisman's research on how eBay's Giving Works program affects profits.

CEOs Teach in M.B.A. Classrooms
US News — May 25, 2011
US News looked at business leaders bringing their experience to the classroom, including Prof. Amy Rosen, CEO of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, who teaches an education leadership consulting lab.

Supporting the Next Generation of Microfinance Leaders [Video] — May 18, 2011
Lucia Villar ’11 talks about Microlumbia's role in training the next generation of microfinance leaders.
This video also appeared on Treehugger.

Columbia Business School Names New Social Enterprise Program Co-Director
Clear Admit MBA Portal — May 13, 2011

Bruce Usher Named Co-Director of Columbia’s Social Enterprise Program
Poets & Quants — May 11, 2011

Bruce Usher Named Co-Director of Columbia’s Social Enterprise Program
Poets & Quants — May 11, 2011
Teachers College's president mentioned Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on school leadership.

What Investors Want
Beyond Profit — May 5, 2011
Benjamin Powell ’05 of Agora Partnerships reveals how to get impact investors' attention.

Banking On Social Enterprise
Hermes — May 2, 2011
Managing a successful turnaround was just the first step for Neighborhood Trust CEO Justine Zinkin ’02, who is proving that it's possible for banks to serve New York City's poorest individuals — and help them achieve long-term financial stability.

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April 2011

Can a Kinder, Gentler Company Earn a Bigger Bottom Line?
Ideas @ Work — April 25, 2011
Corporate social responsibility, says Prof. Ray Fisman, can help companies earn consumers' trust, and perhaps even higher profits.

Business School Volunteers Help Newly Employed Make Sense of Their Money
Columbia News — April 20, 2011
MBA student volunteers help newly employed New Yorkers make sense of their money.

From New York to Riyadh
Financial Times — April 18, 2011
Prof. Ray Horton and Programs in Social Enterprise in Executive Education educate leaders from Saudi nonprofits to aid long-term success.

Reclaiming the Past Through Art
Hermes — April 11, 2011
Sara Green ’01 founded a nonprofit that helps refugees preserve the cultural traditions of their homelands.

I’ll Cry If I Want To
Washington Post — April 7, 2011
The Post highlights Prof. Ray Fisman's view on wages and performance.

Sustainable MBA Programs Look To Provide Entrepreneurial Solutions to the World's Social Woes
Village Voice — April 6, 2011
Sandra Navalli '03, senior director of the SEP, talks about the program's growth, which now represents 45 percent of the MBA student body.

Tiendatek — Mobile Business Tools for Micro-Entrepreneurs — Colombia
Ashoka Changemakers — April 6, 2011
Frogtek, co-founded by David del Ser ’08 and Mark Pedersen ’07, competed in Ashoka's online competition to find the world's most innovative market-based solutions that create economic opportunity and generate employment for disadvantaged populations.

Bloomberg's Push for Corporate Sustainability
Fast Company — April 1, 2011
Curtis Ravenel ’01, director of sustainability for Bloomberg, analyzes firms' environmental, social, and governance practices.

Mission Accomplished, Nonprofits Go Out of Business
New York Times — April 1, 2011
Andrea Wenner ’05 started Out2Play, which has now provided 120 playgrounds for schools in New York City. Having accomplished its mission, the organization plans to close its doors next year.

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March 2011

Olin, Ross, Stanford Named Among Top 16 Schools for Green MBAs — March 23, 2011
Columbia is among the top schools where MBAs can focus on green business.

Global Carbon Credits Die as Smart Money Embraces India’s RECs
Bloomberg — March 22, 2011
A new business by Vibhav Nuwal ’08 helps companies that earn incentives from renewable-energy projects in India.

Raises Don't Make Employees Work Harder
Slate — March 18, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman discussed the effects of wages on performance.

Betting Big on Recycling
Wall Street Journal — March 17, 2011
The Journal interviewed Ron Gonen EMBA ’04, founder of RecycleBank, on the company's success in stopping an estimated billion pounds of waste from hitting landfills.

A Sustainable Degree
Entrepreneur Magazine — March 14, 2011
Columbia Business School was ranked as a top school for MBAs to study green business.

Frogtek wins BOP Award at Mobile World Congress
Halloran Philanthropies — March 7, 2011
Frogtek's application for shopkeepers won the Women BOP App Challenge, a competition organized by GSMA and sponsored by Vodafone.

Top 10 Clean-Tech Companies
Wall Street Journal — March 4, 2011
RecycleBank, founded by Ron Gonen EMBA ’04, was named the top clean-tech company by the Wall Street Journal.

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February 2011

Frogtek's TiendaTek Wins mWomen BOP App Challenge — February 28, 2011
Frogtek, founded by David Del Ser ’08 and Mark Pedersen ’07, won in the smartphone tier of the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) Application Challenge with TiendaTek, an application to improve the efficiency and accuracy of shopkeepers’ accounts.

40 Best Business School Professors Under 40
Poets & Quants — February 20, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman was featured as one of top the 40 Under 40 business school professors.

Orchestra's New Home
Wall Street Journal — February 17, 2011
Zev Greenfield ’05 discussed the development of the new music center for the Orchestra of St. Luke's.

How the Museum for African Art will Change the Uptown Landscape
New York Daily News — February 11, 2011
The Daily News featured how the opening of the Museum for African Art, where Raji Kalra ’04 is the CFO, will impact the local community.

Mary Gates and Karen Zuckerberg Weren't Tiger Moms
Slate — February 9, 2011
Prof. Ray Fisman wrote about the effect of the "tiger mom" parenting approach on the American economy.

Students' Regents Test Scores Bulge at 65
Wall Street Journal — February 2, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff commented on the disproportionate number of student scores on the Regents test that are barely passing.

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January 2011

Teacher appraisal faces own test — January 25, 2011
Prof. Jonah Rockoff discussed how evaluation tools can be used to motivate teachers.

How I Built It: RecycleBank [Video]
Wall Street Journal — January 24, 2011
Ron Gonen, EMBA ’04, was featured for his work in founding RecycleBank.

Business Schools With a Social Appeal
New York Times — January 23, 2011
The Times highlighted Columbia Business School's development of social entrepreneurs through its participation in the Global Social Venture Competition.

Deborah Buresh Jackson
NY Tech — January 14, 2011
Deborah Buresh Jackson ’80.

In a Networked World, No Longer Controlling Our Own Destinies
Washington Post — January 3, 2011
Prof. Geoffrey Heal discussed business in a networked world.

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December 2010

LifeSpring Hospitals: Bringing Maternity Care to Poor Mothers in Indian
ABC News — December 23, 2010
LifeSpring Hospitals, where Tricia Morente ’06 is director of marketing, offers low-cost maternity care.

Bruce Usher: How China Will Save the Planet
Big Think — December 15, 2010
Prof. Bruce Usher.

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November 2010

Moving Mountains in New York City: Joel Klein's Legacy by the Numbers
Education Week — November 30, 2010
Prof.s Jonah Rockoff and Jim Liebman.

On Global Warming, Start Small
The New York Times — November 27, 2010
Prof. Bruce Usher.

Can a Publisher Run Schools? The Experts Debate
The New York Times — November 24, 2010
Prof. Todd Jick.

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October 2010

Out2Play Helps Fill Playground Void
The Wall Street Journal — October 29, 2010
Andrea Wenner ’05.

Schools Chancellor Joel Klein wants nothing more than to release data on more than 12,000 teachers
New York Daily News — October 22, 2010
Prof. Jonah Rockoff.

UFT claims parents won't be able to make sense of ratings
New York Post — October 22, 2010
Prof. Jonah Rockoff.

In defence of middle management
Slate — October 13, 2010
Prof. Ray Fisman.

Home Computers and Student Achievement
Education Week — October 13, 2010
Prof. Ray Fisman.

Connecting the Dots through Social Impact Measurement
Next Billion — October 13, 2010
2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

Innovative Mobile Phone Strategies in the Developing World
Next Billion — October 13, 2010
2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

United States Agency for International Development Launches Department of Innovation
Fast Company — October 12, 2010
2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

Social Enterprise and a $100 Million Gift
Next Billion — October 8, 2010
2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

Jews and Muslims Striving for Change
CBS News — October 8, 2010
Rothschild Program on Social Entrepreneurship.

Tomorrow: Columbia Business School Social Enterprise Conference
Next Billion — October 7, 2010
2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

How Social Entrepreneurs Heal The World's Wounds
Forbes — October 6, 2010
Rothschild Program on Social Entrepreneurship.

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September 2010

The Social Enterprise Conference
The Wall Street Journal — September 29, 2010
The Wall Street Journal, one of the conference media sponsors, ran an advertisement for the 2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

How much do you think he makes?
Slate — September 28, 2010
Prof. Ray Fisman.

Build Your Career Karma Through Community Service
Hermes — September 28, 2010
Social enterprise.

No Longer Alone
The Nonprofit Times — September 15, 2010
Prof. Ray Fisman.

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August 2010

Interview: Bruce Usher, Executive in Residence
Chazen Web Journal — August 16, 2010
Prof. Bruce Usher.

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July 2010

Social Enterprise All Around: A Look at Noteworthy Events Coming Up
Next Billion — July 30, 2010
2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

Interview with Curtis Ravenel, Head of Global Sustainability Initiatives for Bloomberg
The Green Workplace — July 13, 2010
Curtis Ravenel ’01.

2010 Social Enterprise Conference
CSR Wire — July 1, 2010
2010 Social Enterprise Conference.

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