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Wind Energy Will Blow You Away: Focus on Wind Farm Project Finance

Social Enterprise News | November 11, 2004

By Bob Bowne '05, Energy Club, Bottom Line.

Topics: Capital Markets and Investments, Social Enterprise | Read Article

Matchmaking at Client-Student Mixer: Small Business Consulting Program

Social Enterprise News | November 11, 2004

By Min J. Kim '06, Botttom Line.

Topics: Social Enterprise | Read Article

Attendance at Annual Net Impact Conference Breaks Records

Social Enterprise News | November 10, 2004

Topics: Social Enterprise | Read Article

Business School Students Boost Local Companies

Social Enterprise News | November 08, 2004

Topics: Social Enterprise | Read Article

Young Alumni Joel Papo '03

Social Enterprise News | November 04, 2004

Real estate and community development, Bottom Line.

Topics: Social Enterprise, Real Estate | Read Article

Social (Net) Impact is Everyone's Business

Social Enterprise News | October 28, 2004

Conference update by Amanda Foley '06.

Topics: Social Enterprise | Read Article

How to serve on Non-Profit Boards

Social Enterprise News | October 11, 2004

Have you ever wondered what happens on the board of a nonprofit or how you get involved?

Topics: Social Enterprise, Leadership | Read Article

Meet a Winner of the 2004 Global Social Venture Competition

Social Enterprise News | October 07, 2004

By Zeina Talje '05, Bottom Line.

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise | Read Article

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Bottom Line

Social Enterprise News | September 17, 2004

At fall orientation, Professor Geoffrey Heal and corporate leaders from the pharmaceutical and paper industries explored the tradeoffs between profitability and social responsibility

Topics: Social Enterprise, Corporate Finance, Leadership | Read Article

Summer intern profile: Madeleine Tregidga at Outward Bound

Social Enterprise News | September 09, 2004

By Madeleine Tregidga '05, the Bottom Line.

Topics: Social Enterprise | Read Article

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