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Ben Powell '05 Honored as Social Enterprise Alumnus Innovator

Social Enterprise News | March 14, 2011

Ben Powell '05 receives the award for innovatively applying business ideas, principles, and tools to make a social or environmental impact.

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Measuring and Creating Excellence in Schools: A Research Report

Social Enterprise News | December 09, 2010

The Social Enterprise Program releases a report discussing how to effectively measure success in schools to impact performance.

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Justine Zinkin '02 and Thomas Campbell '09 featured in $100M pledge announcement by Henry Kravis '69

Social Enterprise News | October 15, 2010

Article by The Record, Columbia University, October 15, 2010

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Echoing Green Leadership Retreat Hosted at Columbia Business School

Social Enterprise News | August 19, 2010

Learn more about social entrepreneurs working in health, technology, economic development and sustainability.

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Bridging the Gap Between Nonprofits and Traditional Businesses

Social Enterprise News | June 25, 2010

With recent talks in Albany on benefit corporations, the SEP and Grameen Creative Lab are organizing a Social Business Lab.

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MBA Grads Tackle Social Problems

Social Enterprise News | June 15, 2010

Being part of the solution is all the fashion on B-school campuses these days. For some MBA grads, it's more than a dream.

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Bringing the Change: An Interview with Mike Brown '11, Co-Founder of Community Water Solutions

Social Enterprise News | May 27, 2010

Mike Brown '11, has a unique perspective on change, having already brought it to thousands of people's lives through his nonprofit. Ian Tyree at The Bottom Line interviewed the next co-president of the International Development Club to find out how he does it.

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Charter Schools 101: Students get a better return on the dollar

Social Enterprise News | April 14, 2010

By Dan Gennaoui '11, from The Bottom Line.

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Healthcare changes on the horizon. A conversation with Professor Linda Green

Social Enterprise News | September 25, 2009

Professor Linda Green speaks about healthcare and touches upon some of the changes proposed by the current presidential administration.

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Summer Fellows lend essential business skills to organizations in NYC

Social Enterprise News | September 23, 2009

More than 50 MBA students spent the summer working with socially engaged organizations in NYC. Here's a recap of some of their work.

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