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Courses & Faculty

Building on the original principles developed by Graham and Dodd, each of these courses teach value investing methodology and present real-world investing decisions.

Value investing electives are consistently among the most heavily enrolled and highly rated at the Columbia Business School.

Heilbrunn Center Faculty

Faculty affiliated with the Heilbrunn Center are among the world’s leading experts in finance.

Full-Time Faculty

Bruce Greenwald
Robert Heilbrunn Professor of Finance and Asset Management and faculty director Heilbrunn Center


Tano Santos
David L. and Elise M. Dodd Professor of Finance, faculty co-director, and head of research of the Heilbrunn Center


Adjunct Faculty

Arnaud Ajdler
Engine Capital


Gavin Albert
Soros Fund Management LLC


Eric Almeraz '02
Apis Capital Advisors LLC


Christopher Begg
East Coast Asset Management, LLC


Naveen Bhatia
Blackstone Group LP


Ethan Binder '06
Slate Path Capital


Ryan Brown
Davis Selected Advisers


Margaret Cannella ’76
CHF International LLC


Ellen Carr
Weaver Barksdale


Jeff Cino ’06


Mark Cooper ’02
First Eagle Investment Management


Michael Corasaniti ’92
Tourmalet Advisors


Cheryl Einhorn
CSE Consulting


Peter Eliot ’04
Capital World Investors


Kian Ghazi
Hawkshaw Capital Management


Jefferson Gramm ’03
Bandera Partners, LLC


Joel Greenblatt
Gotham Asset Management


David Greenspan ’00
Slate Path Capital


Andrew Gundlach ’01
Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Holdings/First Eagle Funds


Scott Hendrickson '07
Permian Investment Partners


David Horn ’02
Kiron Advisors, LLC


Munib Islam
Third Point LLC


Paul Johnson
Nicusa Capital Partners


Mike Kimpel ’12
Permian Investment Partners


Peter Lawrence '11
Kinderhook Partners


Terrence Kontos ’05


Dan Krueger ’02
Owl Creek Asset Management, LP


Lauren Krueger ’02
Columbia Business School


Stirling Levy '00
Hound Partners


Jonathon Luft '08
Eagle Capital


Keith Luh '03
Franklin Mutual Series


Michael Mauboussin
Credit Suisse


Ian McDonald
Hilltop Park Associates


Justin Muzinich
Muzinich & Co.


Neal Nathani
Totem Point Management LLC


Kevin Oro-Hahn ’10
Ingalls & Snyder


T. Charlie Quinn ’06
Gardner Russo and Gardner


Rishi Renjen
Maverick Capital


Jon Salinas ’08
Plymouth Lane Capital Management, LLC


Guy Shanon ’99
Kingstown Capital Management, LP


Ken Shubin-Stein
Spencer Capital Management


Mark Unferth
Alder Hill Management LP


Artie Williams ’02
Summit Street Capital Management


Dan Yarsky ’06
Moore Capital


Eric Yip
Alder Hill Management LP


Affiliated Faculty

Todd Combs, Berkshire Hathway Inc.

Wouter Dessein, Columbia University

Brian Gaines, Springhouse Capital

Gregory Francfort, Neuberger Berman

Steven Galbraith, Maverick Capital, Ltd.

John Griffin, Blue Ridge Capital

Steven Marks, Blue Ridge Capital

Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University


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Heilbrunn Director Bruce Greenwald presents at Bayern LB in Munich, Germany, in 2008.

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