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Class Recordings

Below is a video archive of guest lectures from the Heilbrunn Center.  These include lectures delivered by accomplished and world-renowned investors. These individuals have generously contributed their time to share their insights with Columbia Business School students. They have also kindly agreed to have their lectures shared on this website as a resource to the value investing community.

Value Investing with Legends

This course is intended to teach students the fundamentals of the value approach to investment management developed by Graham and Dodd. It achieves this goal through a combination of formal lectures, in-class valuation discussions, and presentations by leading value investors.

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Rajeev Bhaman, CFA
Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Oppenheimer Global Fund

Spring 2012 Lecture

Li Lu
Founding Partner and President, Himalya Capital

Spring 2010 Lecture

Bill Nygren
Portfolio Manager of the Oakmark fund

Spring 2012 Lecture

Mohnish Pabrai
Managing Partner, Pabrai Investment Funds

Spring 2013 Lecture

Spring 2009 Lecture

Michael Price
Managing Partner, MFP Investors

Spring 2006 Lecture

Thomas Russo
Partner, Gardner Russo & Gardner

Spring 2012 Lecture

Spring 2009 Lecture

Lewis Sanders
Vice Chairman & CEO, AllianceBernstein

Spring 2008 Lecture

Professor Andrew Weiss
President & CIO, Weiss Asset Management

Spring 2009 Lecture