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There are lots of ways to get involved with the Heilbrunn Center. To start, join our mailing list. For more information, contact us.


Participants line up to ask questions at a Heilbrunn Center event.

As a Company

Hire a Columbia Student
To hire a student in the Value Investing Program for an internship or full-time position, contact Meredith Trivedi, administrative director of the Heilbrunn Center, at (212) 851-5992 or

Available positions also may be posted directly on the Columbia website at

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As an Alumnus

Mentor a Student
The Mentor Program is a service provided by the Heilbrunn Center to second-year students who have been selected to participate in the Value Investing Program at Columbia Business School.

Students are paired with mentors based on the student‘s career goals and the professional experience of the mentors. Mentors offer advice and insight to students interested in a career in value investing and are assigned for one academic year.

A mentoring relationship may include phone, emails, or in-person meetings. For more information on becoming a mentor please contact Emily McClain at 212-851-0150 or

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Alumni should sign up via the Alumni website. Log in, then go to the Centers and Institutes category on the E-mail Lists page.

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Join our LinkedIn page and Facebook group to network with other alumni.

As a Prospective Student

Learn about the Heilbrunn Center
Learn more about courses and events that are sponsored by the Heilbrunn Center.

Apply to the Value Investing Program
Apply to the Value Investing Program during the spring term of your first year.

Compete for Prizes and Scholarships
The Heilbrunn Center provides unique opportunities to win prizes and scholarships through the Sonkin Family Prize, the Heilbrunn Fellowship and Scholarship program, the Moon Lee Prize, and the Pershing Square Challenge.

Join Student Organizations
The Columbia Student Investment Management Association is an especially valuable resource, offering lectures by notable industry practitioners, career networking opportunities, and other activities that supplement both classroom education and recruiting efforts.

Other clubs of interest include the Columbia Finance Association, the Equity Research Club, the Real Estate Association, and the Social Enterprise Club.


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Heilbrunn Director Bruce Greenwald presents at Bayern LB in Munich, Germany, in 2008.

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