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Professor Tano Santos is the head of research for the Heilbrunn Center. The Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing engages in rigorous analysis to identify anomalies in asset pricing.

Research is focused at the intersection of microeconomics and behavioral finance. Select research papers are available for review online. Other works may be viewed with permission of the center.

Schloss Archives

The Walter Schloss Investing Archive provides historical resources for scholars and showcases the unique history of the value approach.

The archive includes a growing collection of value-investing materials, including:

  • Books on investing and investment professionals

  • Articles from the press and finance journals, and other papers

  • Ledgers from the Schloss family that provide insight into holdings of a successful value investment manager, with a track record of nearly 50 years

  • Reports to shareholders, including shareholder letters from the Graham-Newman partnership and Schloss Associates

  • Original correspondence among some of the notable founders of investing Video recordings of classes and speakers at Columbia Business School

Public Archive Items

Includes articles published in Hermes, Bottom Line, and more about Benjamin Graham.

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Protected Archive Items

Includes articles about Benjamin Graham, by Benjamin Graham, and the Graham-Newman Partnership Returns.

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Access to password-protected sections of the website require proper authentication. To review protected archival materials or to make a donation to the archive, please contact the Heilbrunn center.


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Heilbrunn Director Bruce Greenwald presents at Bayern LB in Munich, Germany, in 2008.

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