Yuzaburo Mogi ’61

Honorary CEO and Chairman, Kikkoman Corporation, Japan

Yuzaburo Mogi became president and chief executive officer of Kikkoman Corporation in February 1995 and subsequently became chairman and chief executive officer in June 2004. Kikkoman, the world’s largest producer of soy sauce, opened its first US plant in Walworth, Wis., in 1973 and its second US plant in Folsom, Calif., in 1998. In recent years, a plant was opened in the Netherlands in 1997 and in China in 2002. Kikkoman also has plants in Singapore and Taiwan.

Mr. Mogi joined Kikkoman in 1958 after graduating from Keio University in Tokyo. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1961. From 1994 to 2000, he served as a trustee of Columbia University, and in October 2000 he was appointed trustee emeritus.

Mr. Mogi served as vice chairman of Keizai Doyukai (the Japan Association of Corporate Executives) from 1995 to April 2003. From January 2001 to January 2007, he served as vice chairman of the Central Council for Education, and in 2002 he became the Japanese chairman of the Japanese-German Forum.

In January 2003, he became the Japanese chairman of the Japan-Midwest US Association, and in July of the same year he became the cochairman of the National Congress for the 21st Century Japan (21 Seiki Rincho).

Since 1987, Mr. Mogi has been the honorary ambassador of the State of Wisconsin to Japan in recognition of his role in establishing Kikkoman’s first US plant there. He was a 1998 recipient of the Harry Edmonds Award, given by International House of New York, and in 1999 he was awarded the Medal with Blue Ribbon of Japan. In 2003, Mr. Mogi was conferred the royal decoration Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau by Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands.

In May 2006, he was awarded the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Mr. Mogi is the author of several books, including The Day Shoyu Made It to America’s Tables and Overseas Strategies Without Friction.

He is married and has three children and five grandchildren.