David Greenspan ’00

Founder and President, Slate Path Capital LP, New York

David Greenspan is the founder and president of Slate Path Capital, a New York-based global investment firm launched in 2012. Prior to Slate Path, Mr. Greenspan was partner and managing director at Blue Ridge Capital in New York. He joined Blue Ridge in 2000, the same year he graduated from Columbia Business School. Before attending the School, Mr. Greenspan worked as a CPA and consultant for Price Waterhouse in Washington, DC. In addition to his MBA from Columbia, Mr. Greenspan earned his undergraduate degree in business administration from George Mason University in 1993.

Mr. Greenspan is a member of the Board at Columbia Business School, where he taught Advanced Investment Research as an adjunct professor. He currently serves on the advisory board of the School’s Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing.

Mr. Greenspan formerly served on the board of directors of the Success Academy Charter Schools, and was a founding board member of Success Academy Harlem 4 and of the Josh Waitzkin Learning Foundation. He has long held a keen interest in mindfulness-based practices such as meditation and yoga.