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Ramzi Dalloul

Ramzi Dalloul ’64
Managing Director, Astra Horizons, England

Dr. Ramzi Dalloul worked as a senior economist at the United Nations Secretariat in New York, and together with a multinational team of economists he developed strategies and policies to help stimulate economic growth in developing nations. In his post at the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia in Beirut, Dr. Dalloul was in charge of the study, planning, and development of policies for the Arab Countries Region.

In 1974, at Arab Projects and Development (APD), Dr. Dalloul served as chairman and CEO of the board of the directors, where he spearheaded the building of a large interdisciplinary consulting think tank. APD was successful in completing wide studies for governments in Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Dalloul has a 20-year track record of successful equity investment in major US and EU financial institutions, private equity funds, hedge funds, commodity funds, and venture capital funds, including Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan (the Trident Funds), the Carlyle Group, Alex Brown Private Equity Funds, and the Lansdowne Group, among others.

Dr. Dalloul is also a major shareholder in corporate ventures and investment funds in countries in the Middle East and North Africa. He is a senior adviser to the governments of several countries in the region on oil refineries, megaprojects, gas, petroleum, and the petrochemical industry.

Dr. Dalloul holds a BA with honors from the American University in Cairo, an MBA from Columbia Business School, and a PhD in economics from Columbia University.


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