About the Executive in Residence Program

Appointed by the dean to renewable one-year terms, executives in residence bring an energy and perspective to campus that give classroom studies and research projects additional meaning. Students often establish and maintain connections with executives, which can translate into professional opportunities, including summer internships.

Accessible to students year-round, these retired or semiretired leaders lecture and teach classes in the MBA and Executive MBA Programs, advise student-run clubs, participate in annual club conferences, and organize informal lunches for groups of students with common interests, among many other activities. While the School hosts hundreds of business practitioners as visiting lecturers and conference participants each year, executives in residence maintain long-term relationships with the School.

The hallmark of the program is one-on-one counseling sessions in which executives advise students on their prospective career choices. These meetings, which take place at a student’s initiative, are approximately 30 minutes in length and remain confidential.

Discussions typically focus on a student’s interests, background, and experience as he or she considers a career in a particular profession or industry. Executives often advise students on the following:

  • Job-search and interview skills and strategies
  • Skills and abilities required to succeed in a particular industry or company
  • Selecting courses and extracurricular activities that can help prepare for various careers
  • Planning a career path beyond the initial position accepted directly after graduation
  • Strategies for maintaining momentum once a career path has been chosen
  • Dealing with challenging professional or personal issues