Bob McKiernan '73

Bob McKiernan '73
Consumer Products
Investment Management
Specialty : 
Mock Interviews
Professional Branding
Villanova University – BS, Business Administration Columbia Business School - MBA, 1973

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Ideal Client: Bob’s focus is with those professionals whose challenging career goals require a more sophisticated level of innovation.

With extensive experience devoted exclusively to providing a wide array of career services for over 25 years, Bob, President of the Mack Group, has a demonstrated record of supporting his clients to gain greater satisfaction and control over their professional lives. With a unique blend of Career Management, Human Resources, and Sales/Marketing credentials, Bob has gained valuable insight into how hiring decisions are made, and how effective marketing and sales techniques can be applied so that his clients achieve their preferred jobs, that much quicker, and with the least amount of stress.

In addition to serving as an Executive Coach addressing a variety of career issues arising out of the work environment, Bob’s broad industry experience enables him to partner with his clients to first create and then achieve tailored career goals either for those wanting to grow within their discipline/industry or for those seeking a career change, which may also involve entrepreneurial pursuits or engaging in alternative work arrangements.

Bob’s prior corporate experience involves leadership positions in distinctly different industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance and Consulting and at such notable institutions as the American Stock Exchange, Baxter International, American International Group and Blue Cross/Shield. He has also been retained by many nationally recognized career consulting firms to design, market and deliver state-of-the art job search techniques and executive coaching strategies.

In addition to being on the list of approved career/executive coaches for both the Columbia Business School and  for Columbia’s Center for Career Education, Bob is a regular speaker at various professional organizations as well as the author of numerous articles on such career topics as personal branding and negotiating employee separation agreements.

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