Claire Steichen '93

Claire Steichen '93
Consumer Products
Specialty : 
Professional Branding
Training and Certifications: 
CPCC (Coach Training Institute); PCC (Professional Certified Coach from ICF)
Boston University – BA, English Literature; Columbia Business School – MBA, Marketing, 1993

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Ideal Client: A professional who is looking beyond this job search or promotion to their long-term leadership development.

CBS alums are high achievers.  Still, it can take time to truly find your voice and the influence to navigate success.  Across industry and level, clients use the Clear Strategy Career Clarity program to understand:

  • Impact - How you contribute to colleagues, team and organization
  • Influence - The tools to navigate the landscape and position yourself for growth
  • Initiative - Some learning can only come from doing.  Taking small, consistent steps is key 

For job search or promotion, these principles are at the heart of the Career Clarity process.  We use assessment and self-reflection to understand your strengths and how those strengths contribute to the organization and team.

That knowledge brings the confidence to help with elevator pitch, networking and interviews. We articulate how you lead in a way that makes you very attractive to hiring managers. You learn and use influence techniques that help you every step of the way.  I have helped hundreds of professionals find jobs and develop long-term leadership that provides career freedom.

heck out her recent webinar series Impact, Influence, and Initiative: The Road to Success, and discover the three elements that drive success:

Part I: Confidence in self: Knowing the value you add and what makes you happy builds a foundation of confidence.  Most of us think of our strengths and values.  What we don’t consider, and where the juice truly lies, is in knowing the impact of those strengths. 

Part II: Confidence with othersWith the tools to navigate relationships, boundaries are easier to uphold, you can sell your strengths and ideas, navigate your boundaries and know how to motivate others.

Part III: Confidence in action: We can prepare all we want, but the learning that comes from action is invaluable.

In this series, learn how to explore your interests by breaking them down to smaller, less risky initiatives. And, learn how to be more resilient when things do and don’t work.

Before founding Clear Strategy Coaching in 2008, Claire spent two decades in sales and marketing at multi-nationals L’Oreal, Dior and Givaudan.

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