Colleen Overlock

Colleen Overlock
Investment Banking
Specialty : 
Career Transitions (Geographic, Industry)
Leadership Development
Training and Certifications: 
Columbia University's Coaching Certification Program; Certified in Hogan Assessments and Neethling Brain Inventory (NBI)
University of Vermont - BS; Grenoble Ecole de Management - MA

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Ideal Client: Are you ready to take ownership of your career advancement? If you have a desire to change and commit to the work, I can partner with you to set a course for that change. I believe the most powerful coaching engagements begin with your commitment and involvement in envisioning your future. My ideal client has had that ‘aha’ moment, that fuels motivation and signals – “it’s go time”. This person is focused on advancing or transitioning in their career, possesses a willingness to explore options, and has courage to seek happiness based on their values.

Colleen specializes in coaching executives, mid-career professionals, and recent MBA graduates, who are ready to explore and achieve their career aspirations and goals. As a Chief Operating Officer and entrepreneur, she has a deep understanding of individual and organizational dynamics. She leverages her experience in the financial services sector, where she helped implement business plans and execute communication strategies. Her experience enables her to work with professionals across industries and titles. Her approach is customized to individual objectives and challenges. She partners one-on-one with her clients to set goals, identify measures of success, and develop an action plan for getting there. Her clients build greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, and develop new approaches to be more effective leaders.

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