Debra Feldman

Debra Feldman
Consumer Products
Private Equity
Social Enterprise
Specialty : 
Career Transitions (Geographic, Industry)
Job Search Strategy
Research & Identifying Target Employers
Columbia University – BS, MPH

Visit www. to explore services, read client success stories, access free job search resources, and review Debra’s credentials. As a Columbia alumnus, you qualify for a complimentary telephone consultation. Please get in touch. 

Ideal Client: Senior-level executive in active job search mode seeking to change industry, responsibilities, location, or corporate environment and may include compliance with legal restrictions or accommodations for personal constraints. Common job search challenges such as overcoming employer resistance to lack of experience, previous work history, age, or resume gaps are embraced.

Individuals who have encountered resistance from employers related to their backgrounds as independent consultants, entrepreneurs or taking a career break will benefit from identifying their competitive edge which differentiates them and devising unique positioning to distinguish them as trustworthy experts.   

Debra’s global experience spans most industries, technologies, and disciplines. Her “specialty” is supporting curiosity-driven minds.

Method: Debra works with you to develop the most effective, most efficient go-to-market job search strategy that will satisfy your needs and meet employer’s expectations. Then she creates a roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be overcoming anticipated barriers, gatekeepers and obstacles that may threaten a swift, smooth landing into a quality new opportunity.

Each client’s campaign is finely focused on the most achievable and satisficing opportunities to accelerate a fast, smooth landing. A job seeker’s remarkable, most relevant assets are promoted to attract hiring authorities, establish credibility and forge a memorable impression. Clients stand out through success stories shared one-on-one and through appropriate media channels.

Debra’s support is especially appreciated by busy professionals, road warriors, first-time searching vs being recruited candidates, and those requiring uncompromising confidentiality to guard their privacy and protect their reputation. Results guaranteed.

Process: It is not what you know, but who knows, likes, and remembers you. Since 2000, over 1000 very accomplished and successful individuals have retained JobWhiz to source unadvertised jobs in the hidden job market. Debra’s approach eliminates standard recruiting channels and relies on word-of-mouth referrals through new trusting relationships established purposefully to access the right inside connections to attain each client’s goals. Debra does not rely on her own network or her first degree contacts’ networks. Rather, she determines who needs to be made aware of her client. This transforms the traditional networking perspective from “Who do I know that can help me? “to” Who needs me and how can I get their attention?”

The only way to find out if you are a good fit is talking directly with Debra. Email [email protected] or pick up the phone and call 203-637-3500. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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