Ellis Chase

Ellis Chase
Investment Banking
Specialty : 
Training and Certifications: 
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; Strong Interest Inventory; Firo-B.; Trained in Campbell Vocational Interest and Skill Survey with its creator at NYU
New York University - BA, Psychology; New York University - MA, English and Secondary Education

Check out his website at ellischase.com.

Check out his recent webinar, Art of Salary Negotiation (January 2018), which served as a salary negotiation primer for both job seekers and professionals operating within their own business environmnents. 

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Ideal Client: My advising style provides the flexibility to personalize an approach to every client, but emphasizes the need to perform due diligence/market research on transitions before a search commences. Every advising program is different and customized, but sticks with that notion of making intelligent, evidence-based decisions. I also see an advising role as motivating and supportive, at the same time we cover target definitions and search technique.

My ideal client would be a mid-career (7-8 years of experience) and more senior (sometimes as many as 40 years of experience), although I have worked with less experienced clients, including recent MBA alums. Career transition is a frequent focus.

Ellis Chase has had a diversified, extensive experience in career and executive coaching, management consulting, and training in corporations, consulting companies, private practice, colleges, and universities. He currently maintains a varied consulting practice. Corporate clients have included Deloitte, General Electric, Estee Lauder, Goldman Sachs, The Gartner Group, Purdue Pharma, Swiss Re America, ING Capital, Penguin Putnam, American Civil Liberties Union, Hess Corporation, and Citigroup. His employment history includes several years as Managing Director at Right Management Consultants, and Systems Staffing Officer with the Chase Manhattan Bank.

He was an instructor with the Center for Career, Education, and Life Planning at New York University from 1987-2006, and, from 2001-2017, had been retained as a consultant to the Columbia Business School. He has also worked with several Columbia University graduate schools, and with Yale, University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business, Clark University, Sarah Lawrence College, and the Cornell Johnson School of Management. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and has been a regular contributor to a wide variety of media.

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