Ferne Traeger '80

Ferne Traeger '80
Investment Banking
Specialty : 
Leadership Development
Re-entering the Workforce
Work Life Balance/Stress Management
Training and Certifications: 
Certificate in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting
University of Pennsylvania – BA, Psychology; New York University, Silver School of Social Work – Clinical Social Work; Columbia Business School – MBA, Finance, 1980

Check out her website at www.beyondboardroom.com.

Ideal Client: I work with ambitious clients throughout their professional lives.  My niche is optimizing career transitions, viewing them as opportunities for both professional and personal growth. I have a longstanding track record of helping individuals identify and conquer unproductive patterns of behavior to achieve their career goals. I combine a unique background in business and psychology with enormous personal energy, genuine curiosity, optimism and integrity to help craft solutions to the most challenging career obstacles. 

Ferne Traeger is an executive coach, psychoanalyst, and the Founder and President of Beyond the Boardroom, a consultancy that works with individuals and organizations to facilitate career transitions, including on-ramping after a career hiatus and the transition to becoming a working parent. With expertise in human behavior in both private practice and organizational settings, Ferne combines more than twenty-five years' experience in business management as well as twenty years' clinical practice experience to assist individuals in career management, leadership development and career/life decisions. Her approach merges goal-oriented pragmatism with an ability to listen for, identify and address obstacles to professional success. Prior to founding Beyond the Boardroom, Ferne was the US Managing Director of a UK-based consultancy focused on female talent management and retention. She is a Member and Director of multiple professional organizations.

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