Jill Lauri '87

Jill Lauri '87
Specialty : 
Career Transitions (Geographic, Industry)
Work Life Balance/Stress Management
Training and Certifications: 
Columbia Business School - MBA, 1987
Contact Info: 
Phone: 212-289-3540; Email: [email protected]

Check out her website at www.JillLauri.com.

Ideal Client: Open to innovative and creative approaches to career management, growth, and transition; can be at any stage in their Career.

Jill Lauri uses innovative and spiritual approaches to career management and transition. Her techniques release creativity and transform uncertainty into possibility. Jill shows clients how to attract new opportunities and find their passion, so that they can live with authenticity and purpose. Her coaching has evolved over time, as her own life experiences have shifted. Along the way, Jill has reinvented her career several times. She uses this perspective in guiding clients to identify their life purpose and embrace the courage to go for it. Jill also coaches groups on a variety of customized themes including how to Capitalize on Stress, Transform with Creativity, Morph Change into Opportunity, Boost Your Career with Intuition, Grow Your Business Using Spiritual Practices, and Move Beyond Traumatic Events Including Job Loss.

Since graduating from CBS, Jill has acquired a variety of tools and integrated them into her coaching. Her work as a counselor taught her how to quickly identify internal blocks to career advancement and understand interpersonal dynamics in the workplace. Jill is able to share this insight with clients, so that they can clear their path to success. On her journey, she has studied a variety of spiritual practices. Jill has learned how to access universal principles, like the "law of attraction", to create powerful life shifts. Using these techniques, Jill shows clients how to evoke change with a sense of ease. Clients experience a greater sense of fulfillment in both their careers and personal lives. 

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