Peter Jacobs

Peter Jacobs
Consumer Products
Specialty : 
Professional Branding
Training and Certifications: 
NCC – National Certified Counselor; MCC – Master Career Counselor; Coach Training - Newfield Network; Ontological Coaching – Newfield Network
Wharton – BSE; JFK University – MA, Career Development; INSEAD - MBA

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Ideal Client: 10-25 years of experience; career development; professional development; and career transition.

Since 2001, Peter has been coaching successful professionals to build fulfilling and rewarding careers that fit their values, skills, interests and needs. Peter’s clients have achieved sustainable career progress, developed themselves personally and professionally, created balance between work and non-work priorities, as well as landed interviews and job offers.

Clients have said that Peter has a knack for:

  1. asking questions that offer new perspectives,
  2. finding the essence in each story or narrative, and
  3. uncovering resources and ideas to pursue new possibilities both in current job roles and beyond. 

Peter uses a market-oriented approach to personal branding and job search, and coaches his clients to overcome both intrinsic and extrinsic obstacles to success. Before becoming a career coach, Peter worked for 14 years as both an individual contributor and people manager in a variety of Finance, Procurement, and Business Process roles in the U.S. and Western Europe.

In addition to his private practice and work with employees as an independent contractor at Genentech’s CareerLab, Peter is an adjunct career advisor to MBA students and alumni at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and has facilitated Job Search Action Groups, and webinars for the Wharton Executive MBA program in San Francisco.

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