Roy Cohen '85

Roy Cohen '85
Corporate Finance
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Private Equity
Venture Capital
Wealth Management
Specialty : 
Leadership Development
Mock Interviews
Training and Certifications: 
Roy is certified in a number of assessment instruments.
Cornell University – BS, Economics; Colgate University – MA, Counseling; Columbia Business School – MBA, Finance, 1985

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Check out his recent webinar: Wall Street to Where?...Career Options for Wall Street Professionals, which examines the career options available to Wall Street professionals. 

Ideal Client: Roy advises clients across a range of functions and roles, from analysts and associates starting their careers, through managing directors and partners. Broadly speaking, he works with clients on matters involving career management, which encompasses both transition and job search, as well as navigating life on-the-job, also referred to as executive coaching.

Roy is a career and executive coach and has been recognized nationally for his work with Wall Street clients. For 14+ years, he served as Goldman Sachs' sole in-house career and outplacement counselor. He is the author of The Wall Street Professional's Survival Guide, the best-selling and only career resource for people who work on Wall Street, which was released by the Financial Times Press in June 2010.

He is a big believer in the need to be bold in this very challenging job market and he seeks to model this theme in his own career. In addition to numerous media appearances (including The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Fox national and local, and CNN) and frequent quotes, Roy was selected in 2013 as the official career coach for the movie, Lee Daniels' The Butler. Roy is also a member of the advisory board for Men's Fitness Magazine. For several years, Roy served as an adjunct professor in NYU's Coaching Certification Program and Columbia Business School's Executive Education Program. Roy has been a guest speaker at numerous events and organizations, including: various business school alumni groups, over a dozen chapters of the CFA Institute, the Financial Women's Association, and as a featured speaker at the "Women on Wall Street" annual conference. 

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