Sarah Stamboulie '93

Sarah Stamboulie '93
Investment Banking
Specialty : 
Mock Interviews
Professional Branding
Training and Certifications: 
She is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and is a graduate of the CTI Coach Training Program.
Vassar College - BA; Columbia Business School - MBA, 1993

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Ideal Client: My ideal client values outside advice and coaching, and is seeking a coach soon after realizing he or she could use some help reaching his or her career objectives. These goals might include getting promoted, becoming profitable in a new venture, finding a job, or mastering corporate politics.  My ideal client has his or her share of doubts, but is ready to work hard and is open to change.

Sarah Stamboulie heads Stamboulie Consulting, a Manhattan-based career and management consultancy, and serves as a Principal at Next Step Partners, an international leadership development and executive coaching firm. With more than 20 years of experience helping organizations and executives improve their leadership capacity, Sarah’s depth of business knowledge, engaging and motivational style, broad perspective, and sense of humor, resonate with a wide variety of clients. She joined Nortel Networks, and eventually headed human resources at Morgan Stanley Trust Company and Cantor Fitzgerald. She later led Alumni Career Services at Columbia Business School, overseeing career programming and resources for 36,000 alumni throughout the world.

Sarah’s areas of professional services include:

Job Search: Sarah helps executives conduct a more effective job search by helping them access the hidden job market, in addition to pursuing traditional job search leads. Sarah helps clients with career assessment (including Myers-Briggs), targeting, information/exploratory meetings, interview preparation and practice, and job offer negotiation.

Executive Coaching: Sarah helps professionals of all levels fine-tune their strategic thinking, communication, decision-making skills, and boost their ability to anticipate the needs of their managers, executive team, and board.

Business Coaching: Sarah helps solo entrepreneurs and small business owners evaluate and improve their business model, strategy, and services, and provides guidance as they address day-to-day challenges.

Sarah provides all her clients with candid, constructive, and actionable feedback, and helps them learn new ways to lead and manage through addressing their own behavior and impact. 

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