Caroline Hribar ’09

Caroline Hribar ’09

Chief of Staff, Bionic

“When I think of the incredible value I've gotten from Columbia Business School, I'm very motivated to give back and help whenever I can.”

Early Involvement

“While I was still at the School, I worked with External Relations as head of the committee that encourages graduating students to become active, engaged alumni. My role was to inspire classmates to join the Hermes Society with a leadership-level pledge before they graduated. I felt strongly about communicating the importance of paying it forward, making sure Columbia Business School remains one of the top in the world and accessible to the best of the best, regardless of financial capability.”

Show Support, Stay Engaged

“Making a Hermes Society leadership gift of $2,500 demonstrates the strength of the Columbia Business School network and helps Columbia remain a global leader in business education. Stay involved – you might choose to volunteer for Reunion, join a committee, or attend an event. The bottom line is: if it's a priority, you make room for it.”

Lessons to Remember

“In my management and leadership courses, we learned that the job of a leader is not to be the person with all the answers; it's to be the person who harnesses the power of the entire group. Leadership is about asking questions and setting up an environment where everybody is bringing their expertise to the table and everyone is heard. Those lessons totally transformed the way in which I approach work.”

Leadership Participation

Hribar has made a Hermes Society gift each year since graduation and in 2015 joined the Centennial Partners, a group of distinguished donors who have pledged at least $50,000 to the Columbia Business Fund or the Executive MBA Fund in honor of the School's Centennial. She volunteers as a member of the Hermes Society Leadership Committee, has been a featured speaker at Columbia Forever Week, has volunteered for Reunion, and regularly participates in the life of the school.

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