David Harper '98

David Harper
Social Enterprise
Specialty : 
Leadership Development
Concordia University - BA Columbia Business School - MBA, 1998
Contact Info: 
(912) 898-2255

Check out his website at www.AdvisoryAlliance.com

Ideal Client An ideal client is someone who’s looking to improve and grow, and is willing and open to learning more about themselves and how they can be more effective as a leader. I have much experience working with high potentials and Type A’s, including those who have achieved much success ostensibly, but still are not fulfilled personally.

David Harper is Managing Principal of The Advisory Alliance.  He established The Advisory Alliance after spending more than 15 years consulting to the Fortune 50, 100 and 500, as well as leading and growing entrepreneurial organizations.  A skilled business executive with a proven record in both domestic and international markets, he has extensive consulting, advisory, and leadership experience, with expertise in business and operations management, as well as leadership development, executive coaching, and organizational change.

David has personally worked with clients on a variety of issues, including:

  • 9- to 18-month Executive Coaching programs for high potential senior executives, developing Vice Presidents and above for their next-level role.
  • Design and delivery of the flagship 4-day Leadership Development program for all District Managers of a #1 category U.S. national retailer (1,100+ stores; 22,000 employees) to foster better strategic thinking, improved customer service and experience, and increased in-store sales.
  • Turnaround change for 26,000 employees of a Fortune 500 U.S. financial services corporation, developing a customer-focused culture in a climate that had undergone extensive rationalization.

Prior to establishing The Advisory Alliance, David served as Senior Vice President with Partners International, a privately held management consulting firm in Manhattan, serving the Fortune 500.  Before being recruited to Partners, he led teams of consultants and independent specialists for multi-stream consulting engagements with The Forum Corporation, a global leader in leadership and management development serving the Fortune 500.

He is a Beta Gamma Sigma Medal recipient and graduate from Columbia University Graduate School of Business (MBA, Finance and Management), and holds a Bachelors of Business Administration as well as a BA in Psychology from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

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