Edith Hamilton '92

Edith Hamilton '92
Corporate Finance
Private Equity
Specialty : 
Leadership Development
Work Life Balance/Stress Management
Training and Certifications: 
o ACC level certification by the International Coach Federation (ICF) o Certified Professional Coach (“CPCC”) by Coaches Training Institute o Six Sigma Black Belt in Process Improvement, 2003
MBA, Columbia University, 1992
Blog: https://nextnewgrowth.com/blog
Contact Info: 
Website: https://nextnewgrowth.com/

Ideal Clients for: 

CFO coaching:  First time CFO or VP of Finance who is looking for a partner who knows the way, and who can help you step fully into your power as the leader you want to be.  To clarify your voice and leadership style, and find a surer footing with your leader and other C-level executives, Board Members, bankers, lenders, private equity partners. https://nextnewgrowth.com/services/cfo-coach

Operations Leadership Coaching: First time COO or VP of Operations who is looking for a partner that enables you develop best practices, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs),  and who can help you step fully into your role in a powerful way that creates a shared vision that inspires others, challenges the process, encourages the heart, and models the way.    https://nextnewgrowth.com/services/executive-coach

In Transition:  You’ve just landed an important new role (or you’re about to) and you realize the actions you take in your first 3 months in a new job will significantly determine whether you fail or succeed. With me as an executive coach you will (1) Develop a strategic plan to hit the ground running, (2) Define your A-List priorities, (3) Identify potential early wins, and (4) Win others over. Whether it’s a promotion at your current firm or a new company, see First 90 Days | Coaching for Top Results in a New Role

Leadership Coaching:  You’re an emerging leader, likely age 28-44. Together we will identify your Top 5 Strengths and do more with them. Learn how to stop judging yourself. Gain a fresh perspective. Experience balance.  Find fulfillment. Tap more of the courage, boldness and wisdom of your "inner leader".  Initiate fierce conversations that open new doors for you at work and in your private life.

Resilience Coaching | Sustainable Performance:  You’re in a high-pressure role, on a high-visibility project, or you’re encountering prolonged periods of stress. We identify what is working and what is not.  Control stress, improve work-life balance, manage expectations up / down / sideways, set boundaries, develop skills and resilience.

I evoke transformations and create value for leaders who work in high-pressure, high-visibility roles in Finance and Operations – often at private equity-backed companies.  Leadership Coaching and Transition Coaching combine my background in finance, operations, process improvement, and business development with executive coaching skills groomed by top coaches in the industry. I started out as an English major, then fell in love with the business world while at an investment banking firm, which eventually led to Columbia’s MBA program. Later, my 25-years of success at organizations of all sizes honed a highly adaptable way of partnering with each coaching client.  High-profile corporate roles came to a surprising stop, 2x:  once in Finance/ Acquisitions,  and later as a VP of Operations at a Fortune 10 company.  Each loss eventually led to a huge gift.  So I’ve been there, done that.  And I’ve  been dubbed "a catalyst" by Fortune 500 CEO Kent Thiry.  Learn more about me at: https://nextnewgrowth.com/about-executive-coach-edith-hamilton

My coaching style is highly interactive, involving all aspects of your wisdom, skills and intuition.  Your head, hands, heart. Each session  is tailored to your needs. You are in charge of the topic every time we meet, and I am responsible for how we get to what you want. To something highly meaningful and fully actionable – all the while, keeping in mind your over-arching goal: why you came to coaching in the first place. Each session brings you clarity of insight, motivation and energy for next steps, and a way to build on your learnings week by week, so we quickly evoke the transformation you seek.  See the 4-minute video about my coaching framework and philosophy.  https://nextnewgrowth.com/value-of-executive-coaching-engagements

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