Peter Gray '97

Peter Gray '97
Investment Management
Social Enterprise
Specialty : 
Professional Branding
Harvard University - 1991 Columbia Business School - MBA, 1997
Contact Info:
(616) 616-5165

Check out his website at [email protected]

Ideal Client: I take a social impact approach to my work, so I have a soft spot for idealists looking to make an impact, not just make a living. But I have been an effective coach to people in every career stage and situation – employed or not, blue collar to boardroom, entry level to gray-haired.

My career as an executive recruiter is my coaching training. I’ve been helping people navigate job searches and career paths on daily basis for over 20 years. I learned that there is enormous demand for clarity and guidance about how to go about a job search, how to navigate an upward career path, and how to get recruiters returning your calls and pitching you job opportunities.

There is so much confusion and misunderstanding around how to look for jobs, and how to manage our careers for upward mobility. Too often, our search for opportunities faces a demoralizing “wall of silence.”

I have spent over 20 years behind that “wall of silence” as an executive recruiter. I advise hiring gatekeepers and decision-makers on which applicants to interview, which interviewees to call back, and which finalist to hire. That experience has trained me to recognize patterns in how they think and behave at each stage in the hiring process.

 Coaching is my way to share those insights. Think of me as your personal spy from behind the hiring “wall of silence.” Working together, let's craft a winning plan for you to reach your career goals.

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