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Leading through Crisis

John Gerzema on the Post-Crisis Consumer

Crises (like COVID-19) allow brands to recommit to their values—and can be an opportunity to once again connect with the real human needs that gave rise to them.

Leading through Crisis

How COVID-19 Will Affect Internet Services, E-commerce, and Teaching

Dan Wang, the David W. Zalaznick Associate Professor of Business, gets out his whiteboard and provides insight into the strategic importance of firms such as Amazon and Walmart during the pandemic.


Why Diversity Is Hard (and Why It's Worth It)

Understanding the benefits of diversity in the workplace.


Perspectives on Purpose: From Shareholder Value to Societal Value

Many corporations now no longer see maximizing shareholder value as their chief aim. With this major ideological shift, brands now need to rethink their purpose—to consumers, employees, and society at large.