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Perspectives on Purpose: From Shareholder Value to Societal Value

Many corporations now no longer see maximizing shareholder value as their chief aim. With this major ideological shift, brands now need to rethink their purpose—to consumers, employees, and society at large.


An Emotional Free Sample: McDonald’s Brand Strategy

To be competitive in today’s advertising world, McDonald’s needed to update its communications model. At the BRITE ’19 Conference, Colin Mitchell of McDonald's discusses the company's strategy. 

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Amy Webb on the Future of AI

If the fastest growing power to change our future was concentrated in the hands of only nine decision-makers, would you worry?

Media & Tech

Coke vs Pepsi: The Battle to Avoid Fizzing Out

Bernd Schmitt and Matthew Quint of the Center on Global Brand Leadership deconstruct the cola wars, from the Pepsi Challenge to “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.”