9/9/99 Ten Years Later

Bernd Schmitt reflects on brand strategy in the past ten years.

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9/9/99 was the date of the experiential kick-off event for the Center on Global Brand Leadership (www.globalbrands.org) that I have been directing at Columbia Business School ever since.   We have done many events and conferences, bringing together academics and practitioners. We have created communities, see www.briteconference.com.  And we are part of a network with similar centers in Munich, Barcelona, Seoul, Singapore and Shanghai, all united by the same objective: to research and understand brands.

Looking back over the last ten years …

much has changed, and much has remained the same.  Brand strategy is still a major focus in organizations.  Back then, experience was a radical idea; now it is mainstream. In 1999, nobody was concerned about internal branding; now it is a hot topic.

I wonder what’s in for the next ten years. Will value branding become a trend, or is it just the recession? Will branding become more and more entertaining, or will there be a backlash to such fake marketing? Will global brands still flourish, or will “local” be the “next global”?

GOMOT (“Gagging On My Own Tackiness”).


This post originally posted by Schmitt on the MeetSCHMITT blog at: http://www.meetschmitt.com

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